A Daughters Perspective

Dr. Bayron and his daughter.

For this Scrubbing In Q&A we asked Fernando Bayron, MD, FACS, a general and bariatric surgeon with Florida Medical Center to give us the reason he became a surgeon.

Why Did You Become A Surgeon?

Dr. Fernando Bayron said no one knows the reasons he chose general and bariatric surgery care better than his family, specifically his daughter, Dr. Dharma Bayron-Vazquez. Dr. Bayron-Vazquez shares insights to her father and his dedication to providing quality healthcare as well as his devotion in caring for others in his community and beyond.

Why Did Dr. Fernando Bayron Become A Surgeon?             

I think my Dad decided to pursue a career in surgery because he has an innate devotion to care for people. Growing up my fondest memories of my Dad involved caring for his patients and his family, like the time we stayed in the hospital so my Dad would be available during a hurricane. Or the multiple times on our way to vacation and he would be the doctor that would, without hesitation, volunteer to help in a medical emergency during a flight while maintaining a calm demeanor in times of panic.

Growing up witnessing someone so passionate about his job inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. I studied dentistry but as the saying goes “the apple does not fall far from the tree” and pursued a residency in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. To me, my Dad is the model to follow so if I become even half the doctor my Dad is I know I will be on a great path.

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