Capillus is the Key Ingredient in the Formula for Success in Preventing Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is a very common condition. It’s so common, going bald could be considered a normal part of being male. In fact, depending on age and race, about 40 percent of all men should expect some hair by age 35. So, if the good news is, “you’re not alone,” the problem is, most men don’t see it that way.

Experiencing thinning of hair along the hairline and on the crown of their head can be very unpleasant, even traumatizing, especially when hair loss occurs at a young age. Many men worry that having thinning hair will make them look older or less attractive, or their partner will lose interest in them. Some have even said this would make them feel “less of a man.”

Meet Dr. Samer Muala
As a medical expert with an extensive background helping patients dealing with hair loss, Dr. Samer Muala has seen first-hand the emotional toll that hair loss has on his patients. He has also seen how hair regrowth solutions help boost self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. Muala serves as Medical Advisor for the Hair Restoration Division of Miami-based Capillus, an industry pioneer in clinically proven hair regrowth laser therapy technology, devices, and products. In this role, he oversees research and scientific studies to further strengthen the company’s line of hair restoration caps, which includes the “Capillus MD,” the industry’s first-ever medical-grade laser cap, and currently the most powerful hair restoration cap on the market.

Combining the Right Treatments
So, can hair really grow back after thinning, significant weight loss, or upon genetically falling out? The answer is yes. Says Dr. Muala, “When hair starts to thin or fall out, your body is trying to tell you the follicles are losing steam. By combining the right treatments, one can slow down hair loss and regrow hair. We can optimize hair follicles with modalities like red light laser therapy – which is what makes the Capillus line of laser caps so effective.”

He also recommends combining red light laser therapy with an effective supplement like Nurish to give the primed scalp the nutrition it needs to grow. Using at home microneedling with products like the DermaRoller also recruit growth factors to the factors to help combat hair loss.

Working From the Inside Out
Many of the doctor’s clients are also curious how exactly hair regrowth and thickening products work. Dr. Muala reports that such products work by giving the “factories” in your scalp what it needs to produce vibrant, thicker hair. “Some products nourish the scalp from the outside in delivering nutrients to the follicles. Others add volume to the hair strands and give the appearance of thicker hair,” he adds. Supplements like Nurish work from the inside out – delivering the right vitamins and minerals and keratin to the scalp.

According to Dr. Muala, essential vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, and niacin help thicken and regrow hair. And Keratin, only if it is able to be absorbed in the gut, can be a “game changer” in regrowing hair. In fact, Nurish has proprietary keratin that actually has been shown in clinical studies to get to the scalp to fight hair loss. He also recommends one should also take a multivitamin to make sure they are not deficient in iron, vitamin D, and B-Complex.

Easy-to-Follow Top Tips
Consider the following top tips in promoting a healthy scalp and hair growth:

  • Wash your hair daily, but only using shampoo that is free of parabens and sulfates only two to three times a week.
  • Use the home DermaRoller once a week to recruit growth factors to the hair follicles to help them grow healthier hair.
  • Topical Minoxidil and other prescription topicals may also help your hair loss.
  • Use pomades and mousse over gel.
  • And include a home laser cap like Capillus in your regimen to bring it all together.

To protect the hair they still have, he strongly encourages men to address their hair loss immediately upon first noticing hair thinning with the naked eye. “By that point, you’ve already lost about 50 percent of your hair,” states Dr. Muala. “Fortunately, treatment options that have proven successful with high satisfaction rates are available – with Capillus topping the list.”

Get More Information
Dr. Muala also provides hands-on support to Capillus customers through telehealth consultations via the company’s website at For more information, call toll-free at 888-660-2393 or reach out to Customer Service at

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