Comcast Increases Internet Speeds for South Florida Customers


South Florida customers are getting faster internet service from Comcast at no additional cost.  Comcast is increasing the speeds of three of its fastest growing internet tiers in Florida, reflecting the growing trend of customers wanting faster speeds as many are working or attending school virtually.


Effective immediately, Xfinity Extreme customers throughout South Florida will see their download speed increase from 300 Mbps to 400 Mbps.  In addition, Extreme Pro internet customers will see speeds increase from 600 Mbps to 800 Mbps later in the first quarter of 2021.  Finally, customers with Xfinity Gigabit are also getting a speed increase from 1 Gig up to 1.2 Gbps.


“We recognize that our products and services place a critical role in helping our customers stay connected, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we are constantly innovating and improving our Xfinity Internet service,” said Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Comcast in Florida. “Besides faster speeds, our customers can take advantage of our personalized tools and controls and advanced cybersecurity to make their connectivity experience better than ever before.”


In addition, for the second time in less than 12 months, Comcast is increasing the speed of its Internet Essentials service to 50 Mbps downstream (up from 25 Mbps) and 5 Mbps upstream (up from 3 Mbps). This is for all new and existing customers and it comes at no additional cost, which remains today what it was ten years ago – $9.95 a month. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Comcast is also giving new Internet Essentials customers their first two months of service for free through June 30, 2021.


Next month, Comcast will also introduce the fastest speed over WiFi available throughout Florida. Customers will be able to take advantage of advanced WiFi technology capable of delivering speeds faster than a Gig. These increased speeds will better support the increasing number of connected devices in their homes and allow customers to do more of the streaming, gaming and surfing they enjoy. According to The Xfinity Cyber Health Report, some users already have dozens of devices in their homes.


Since 2017 alone, Comcast has devoted more than $12 billion to strengthening and expanding its network – including building more than 33,000 new route miles of fiber. Every two and a half years the company adds as much capacity to the network as it added in all the previous years combined.

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