Doral Contemporary Art Museum lifts of with ‘Against Gravity’

Doral Contemporary Art Museum lifts of with ‘Against Gravity’
Doral Contemporary Art Museum lifts of with ‘Against Gravity’
The DORCAM presents today’s most evocative contemporary and modern artworks at Collection Suites in Doral.

“Against Gravity” is the first comprehensive exhibition of the Doral Contemporary Art Museum in Doral. Presented on the occasion of the Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, this exhibition occupies the Collection Suites in more than 48,000 square-feet of exhibition spaces-suites and will be on view through Dec. 21.

The DORCAM presents today’s most evocative contemporary and modern artworks at Collection Suites, a stunning environment crafted for the most discerning collectors. The exhibition features striking contemporary authors across various creative fields – from cutting-edge artworks by prominent modernist painters and sculptors to a rare selection of collectors’ automobiles.

Representing various periods and developments in the history of art, Against Gravity presents a selection of contemporary artist’s through their openness and risk-taking approaches while engaging with what is challenging and daring.

Based on a central issue in art, Body, Space, and Place, as essential elements of art, as Frank Lloyd Wright said: “Space is the breath of art.” Among the artist are; Angela Valella, Robert Chambers, Marielle Plaisir, Michelle Marcuse, Andres Michelena, Markus Hoffman, Flor Mayoral, Pip Brant, Sergio Garcia, Isaac Cordal, Xavier Cortada, Wendy Wischer, and Mike Braun.

An essential component of Against Gravity is the compelling display of private art collections, and collectible automobiles as a celebration of art collecting as an intellectual and aesthetic adventure and each collection a personal journey as a singular statement. With Against Gravity, somehow, contemporary art and the passion for collecting have landed in Doral.

Presenting Artists
Presenting in the different private collections are contemporaries such as: José Bedia, Gustavo Acosta, Carlos Quintana, Alejandro Aguilera, Alfredo Jaar, Sandra Ramos, Karina Chechik, Néstor Arenas, Faustino Aizkorbe, Arturo Duclos, Nina Dotti, Leandro Soto, Pedro Vizcaíno, Ivonne Ferrer, Carlos Cárdenas, Liene Bosquê, Aldo Menéndez, Carlos Betancourt, Rolando Peña, Valeria Yamamoto, Lara Restelli.

Also featured are modernist icons such as; Antonio Pérez Melero, Wifredo Lam, Julio Le Parc, Julio Larraz, Amelia Pelaez, Nela Arias-Misson, Lisl Steiner, Karel Appel, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Pérez Celis, Waldo Balart, Yaacov Agam, Hugo Zapata, Edgar Negret, Jesus Soto, Omar Rayo, José Mijares, and Rafael Sorriano.

The exhibition is curated by Jorge Luis Gutierrez and Marcelo Llobell, as part of an integrated effort of the DORCAM team. Against Gravity is a show placed in a liveliest industrial setting for making and enjoying today’s most reminiscent art.

In The Beginning
In 2017, a group of collectors, museologists, community leaders, art dealers, industry entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, and architects united with a mutual belief that the city of Doral deserves contemporary art museum dedicated to exploring the new.

On Nov. 9, 2017, The City of Doral Council made a groundbreaking decision of unanimously approving a motion of the concept and opened the door for the development of the Doral Contemporary Art Museum. The Museum Board approved to keep the actions to guarantee the development of the project as per the conceptual framework and strategy presented to the City of Doral.

The Doral Contemporary Art Museum program builds upon a program of significant exhibitions and events that emphasize a cross-disciplinary approach to art, architecture, visionary design, industry, and technology innovation, acknowledging the artwork behind the objects, experiences, and environments that shape our everyday lives. Through the accomplished artistic practice galvanizing 21st-century change.

Against Gravity is supported by Collection Suites with the backing of the City of Doral. Collection Suites is a grand private property harboring the most exclusive suites for elite collectors. An upscale sanctuary for those who seek the perfect space close to the heart of the city, yet secluded for enhanced privacy.

Against Gravity is presented through Dec. 21. For information, call 305-878-2894 / @art.seen.365. Also send an email to Jessica Daez, at Collection Suites, at

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