Florida Insurance Agency Garners National Recognition

Miami's Community Newspapers

As insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, UniVista Insurance is providing affordable options with quality coverage to U.S. Hispanic and American families in innovative ways.

In, August UniVista Insurance – a leading affordable insurance agency based in Florida – was recognized by national publication, Insurance Journal naming it #33 of the top 100 insurance agencies in the U.S for 2018.

With skyrocketing prices leaving large contingencies of the market without coverage, this industry newcomer has taken notice, developing an array of customized insurance products to match the predicament while becoming industry leaders through their innovative solutions.

“We created UniVista with a specific customer in mind” said Ivan Herrera, CEO of Univista. “We developed a system that provides first rate insurance at affordable prices because we understand the importance of quality coverage but that not everyone has the resources for it.” 

In less than 10 years, the Cuban-born, Miami-based businessman has grown UniVista from a door-to-door enterprise to more than 120 offices in Florida, and quickly growing. Recognizing there was a need for affordable insurance in the Hispanic community, Herrera knew Miami was a natural fit, but always had his sights set on the bigger picture.

“As we continue to expand beyond Miami into other markets and segments” says Herrera, “we recognize the one constant is a priority on customer service. Our clients come first, and we take great pride in making sure their needs are met with the best products on the market, no matter where they are located.”

With more than $300 million dollars in premiums written in 2017, Herrera has no intention of stopping any time soon. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a supreme focus on technology and exploring key data insights, Herrera’s vision for the next big thing in insurance is unparalleled.

“As an immigrant who came to this country to pursue the ‘American Dream’, I see this as an opportunity, not just for me and my business, but for my colleagues who are opening UniVista franchises, and for my clients who believe in the product and services we are offering them” exclaims Herrera.

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