Hialeah Hospital Is First in Florida to Utilize the Ellipsys System For Non-Surgical Dialysis Fistula Creation

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New approach provides simpler, less invasive method for patients requiring vascular access

Hialeah Hospital is the first hospital in the State of Florida to provide a new approach to a simpler, less invasive method for patients requiring vascular access with the acquisition of some new technology. The Ellipsys is an innovative, minimally-invasive catheter-based system designed for end-stage renal disease for patients requiring hemodialysis.  It provides physicians and patients with access to a unique, non-surgical option for arteriovenous(AV) fistula creation, a procedure that had not previously changed in over 50 years.

“To be the first in the State of Florida to utilize this technology, and being able to provide high quality care to our patients, is a top priority, said Michael Bell, hospital CEO. “Hialeah Hospital takes great pride in being a leader in healthcare.”

A significant advancement for dialysis patients and clinicians, the Ellipsys System transforms an open surgery connecting an artery to a vein into a minimally invasive procedure using a needle and a catheter.  Using a percutaneous approach, the Ellipsys procedure replaces an incision with a needle puncture, ultrasound imaging replaces surgical dissection, and sutures are replaced with tissue fusion. After the procedure, the patient leaves with just a band aid.

“Bringing this new technology to Hialeah Hospital is a testament to our commitment to help our patients have access to the most up-to-date, minimally invasive treatment options right in their own backyard,” said Dr. Carlos Sanchez, Chief of Radiology at Hialeah Hospital.

An AV fistula, which makes the vein suitable for the insertion of needles required for hemodialysis treatment, has been shown to be the most effective method for vascular access, reducing hospitalization and mortality with the additional benefits of longer term patency, improved flow rates and fewer complications than other methods of vascular access. For more information please call 305-835-4105.

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