It’s time to smell the roses, again

It’s time to smell the roses, again

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Out of the blue, a customer recently asked what my favorite flower is. I answered immediately, almost by reflex – because of course, it is the red rose. The queen of the flower industry. A truly wondrous sight, indeed.

In fact, roses are the very reason Doral-based Prime Group’s existence.

Since day one, the handling and shipment of roses and other varieties of fresh-cut flowers from Ecuador and Colombia has been our core business. They are the very seed that started it all, allowing the company to blossom, and are now giving us the ability to expand.

Meeting the Demand
So here we are, in the peak of a new season. The time of year everyone from growers to shippers to florists works tirelessly to meet the enormous demand of Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day in March.

We’re working long and hard, too, especially at Prime Fresh Handling, where we expertly partner with our clients to fine-tune the shipping and handling process – from start to finish.

Similarly at PrimeAir, where we focus on managing the on-the-ground needs of our air cargo partners, as they double, triple, and in some cases quadruple their regular capacity to meet this annual spike in demand.

That’s what we do and we do it well – because we have to. In the perishables business, the mentality is that you work until you get it done, and there is zero margin for error. It’s always been this way and always will be.

Our Deep Roots
When my business partner Omar Zambrano and I launched the company in 2001, the first flight we ever serviced was a B747 between Quito and Miami – completely full of flowers.

Over the years, it’s become second nature to know that flowers demand a perfect operation, with no delays and no problems. Perfection is not just a goal, it is imperative. Again, it’s just what you have to do in this business.

Experience and flexibility mean everything, along with smarts, because you simply must solve matters immediately – and with great creativity.

Prime Group Mentality
Therein lies the benefit of working with Prime Group. Our long enchantment with fresh flowers has trained us well to serve our customers well.

We know exactly how to move things in a proper way, the fastest way, and in a way that pleases our customers most. They know we are completely dedicated and on top of our game – for them. It’s our mentality, always.

Doral-based Prime Group is the parent company of a series of enterprises dedicated to offering the best international cargo and logistics products and support. Whether it is PrimeAir, Prime Air & Ocean Cargo, Prime Fresh Handling, or Prime Fresh Products, their customers count on Prime Group to provide a wide range of services. From sales and marketing, to ground handling and cold storage, to market analysis and yield management – at Prime Group, they make every minute count.

For information, contact Prime Group at or call 305-592-2044. The Miami/Doral offices of the Prime Group companies are at 1301 NW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33126.

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