KINGS Dining & Entertainment strikes it big with an all new menu

KINGS Dining & Entertainment strikes it big with an all new menu

I have a really cool friend who does life skills and corporate training. She recently was asked to teach a class in “Fun.” It took me a minute to process that… And then I suddenly realized I had the perfect venue for her to go on a field trip. KINGS Dining & Entertainment at CityPlace Doral.

Even before you hit the front door of KINGS, you’re already on sensory overload. Outside here on the main CityPlace promenade, there’s a giant illuminated water fountain with piped-in music and happy people walking about. It’s really quite something to see.

But as soon as we went in, we knew this was THE best spot on the circle.

Entering this 20,000-square-foot complex, the warm and inviting spirit of it all immediately envelops you. We were casually drawn to the welcome desk where you either check in for bowling and get shoes, or gravitate toward the billiard tables or one of the really cool cocktail bars and dining areas.

I think there was even a Karaoke party going on in a private space called “The Flamingo Room.”

We just kind of bumbled around like little kids at a carnival until we got our bearings – let’s go bowling!

Time to Bowl

KINGS offers 14 ten-pin bowling lanes and four private bowling lanes, so the wait was pretty quick. We got situated, put on our spanky shoes, and hit it. I hadn’t been on a lane in a long long time, so this was just perfect – because most everyone around me was just horrible at it, with lots of gutter balls and good laughs.

Yep, the fun had begun.

The music was hitting the right note, the lighting was way cool, and there was good energy in the air. There were a lot of wondrous aromas in the air, too, coming out of the kitchen and on plates all around us.

Inspired – and hungry – we scanned KINGS’ refined snack menu for everything from Edamame and a house-smoked Crispy Pork Belly BLT, to something called “Impossible Cheeseburger Empanadas” filled with plant-based “meat,” cheeses, and pickles nestled within a flaky empanada dough.

Time to Dine

Although the KINGS Creamy Tomato Bisque Fondue was calling our name, we ended up going with a new twist on the old standard: Buffalo chicken tacos. It was the spicy right choice, delivered right to our lane.

To keep us “hydrated” during the game, my buddy Andre ordered up a frosty mug of Samuel Adams Cold Snap Witbier and was instantly the happy dude. Being the adventurous one, I closed my eyes and pointed into the big cocktail menu – and came up with a “Bull & Bear.” Sounds manly enough, until I discovered that the bears were real Gummi Bears. But, yay! You live once! And these chilly little fellas actually went well with the raspberry vodka, peach liqueur, and Redbull. Whoodathunk?

We finished up our game and ventured over to a cozy peninsula-style table that abuts the bar with a great view of all the bowling action. This also gave us fast access to our super friendly bartender/server, who knew literally everything, including the 10 brand new items on their fully revamped menu.

We started to go for shareable items, like BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, Philly Tuna Bites, or KINGS new boneless chicken breast bites with a Honey Sriracha sauce. But burgers won out.

Burger Time

KINGS’ completely customizable burgers now have various patty options including grilled chicken, premium Angus beef, and the “Impossible” with plant-based “meat.” In addition, a new Surf & Turf burger is offered with Old Bay-dusted shrimp, gruyere, caramelized onions, arugula, and Old Bay aioli.

Andre always gets a big burger no matter where we go, so he went for the loaded premium Angus. Soon as he placed his order I began whining about how much I miss a big juicy cheeseburger since giving up red meat years ago.

That’s when the waiter chimed in – and basically changed my life – by offering me something called the “Impossible Burger.” Made of the same plant-based meat inside their new empanada snack, this smart alternative burger is made by Impossible Foods out of California – and is apparently sweeping the country by storm.

I was a little apprehensive, but totally psyched to sink my teeth into one of these look-alikes. And it was simply A-MAZ-ING.

Smothered with grilled onions and melted Swiss cheese, it also came with delicious sweet potato fries that were just right.

Show Must Go On

Although our server tried coaxing us to keep the party going, by shooting some billiards or moving into the “Rum Room’ for an after dinner sip, we just didn’t want to get up! So we settled for Mega Shakes & Sundaes.

They say these two over-the-top desserts are game changers and they truly are. The new Maple Bourbon Waffle Sundae showcases vanilla ice cream, toasted walnuts, maple bourbon caramel sauce and a pearl sugar baked and chocolate dipped waffle. In addition, the new Very Beary Sundae highlights strawberry ice cream, honey strawberry sauce, a homemade cupcake, rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears and fresh strawberries.

Need a fun filled field trip? This is definitely the spot.

KINGS Hours are Monday-Thursday 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.; Friday-Saturday noon to 2 a.m.; and Sunday from noon to midnight.

KINGS Dining & Entertainment is located at 3450 NW 83 Ave., Suite 152, Doral, FL 33122. For information on Kings Bowl Miami-Doral, visit or call 844-494-9400.

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