Meet Elizabeth Canoura from Hialeah Hospital.

Elizabeth Canoura

Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth Canoura works for the Case Management Department at Hialeah Hospital.  She graduated from the Nurse Practitioner Program at the FIU School of Nursing in 2004.   Elizabeth has a solid background in Critical Care, Nursing Education and Case Management.  She began working with the Case Management Department in 2013 at a sister facility and in 2016, she transferred back to Hialeah Hospital where she started her career in critical care 16 years earlier.  Elizabeth goes above and beyond her duties as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic when there was high influx of patients coming from nursing homes or ALF’s from the months of April through July.  There were days in which there were over 100 hospitalized patients from long term care facilities and every one of them received a PT evaluation, Dietary evaluation, and repeated tests as per guidelines.   Elizabeth monitored COVID-19 test results daily and directed these patients’ discharge plan accordingly.  Placement for most of these patients was a major problem, however, with the support of the Case Management Team at Hialeah Hospital, all patients had a safe discharge. 

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