Miami Super Bowl Host Committee launches environmental initiative

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee launches environmental initiative

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee launches environmental initiativeMiami Super Bowl Host Committee recently announced the launch of Ocean to Everglades (O2E), the Super Bowl LIV environmental initiative in partnership with NFL Green, Ocean Conservancy and The Everglades Foundation.

The collective mission of the initiative is to build a resilience of South Florida’s communities by enhancing the connectivity between residents and the natural environment that surrounds the tri-county region.

“Super Bowl LIV provides a platform and an opportunity to connect and engage our community and all sports fans around a critical global priority — the preservation of our environment,” said Rodney Barreto, chair, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.

“With the launch of our very own O2E initiative, we aim to do our part to reduce the environmental impact around Super Bowl events and promote sustainability around the unique confluence of ocean and land-based issues found in South Florida.”

O2E celebrates the unique environmental communities in South Florida, focusing on solutions that address the critical issues facing the health of the ocean and the Everglades. The Committee aims to reduce environmental impact of Super Bowl LIV and leave a positive and sustainable legacy long after the final whistle of the Game on Feb. 2, 2020. The initiative will focus on the following key objectives: reduce waste, mitigate environmental impacts and create green legacy.

“The ocean and the Everglades are an integral part of my life and the lives of all South Floridians,” said Mike Zimmer, president, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. “Naturally, as we prepared to host our record-breaking 11th Super Bowl, we knew the preservation of our unique ecosystem would be a big focus for us, and we are incredibly proud to kick off an initiative that enhances the connectivity between our residents and the natural environment that surrounds the tri-county region, and builds resilience across South Florida’s communities leaving a green legacy for years to come.”

The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee created an environmental council lead by Eric Eikenberg, CEO of Everglades Foundation, to help drive O2E efforts and join forces with NFL Green’s overall environmental program to ensure impactful and measurable results that leave a positive “green” legacy in South Florida beyond the game.

“We are thrilled and proud to launch a comprehensive program tailored to South Florida’s unique ocean and land-based environmental needs,” Eikenberg said. “With expectations for environmental stewardship at an all-time high among sporting venues and teams, Super Bowl LIV’s O2E will establish a new level of performance and accountability for future host cities.”

Leveraging the expertise of the committee and partnerships, the initiative will come to life in a series of activations and events across South Florida leading up to Super Bowl LIV across South Florida. The O2E activities will be guided by four pillars: plastics, coastal protection, habitat and education.

From beach cleanups and coral reef planting community projects to Everglades excursions and student fishing trips, the O2E initiative aims to create long-lasting and sustainable impact by bringing together expert organizations and inviting them to be a part of Super Bowl LIV and its legacy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Mayor Carlos Gimenez joined the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee for the launch of O2E at a press conference at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center. Barreto and Eikenberg shared the details of the initiative and unveiled the renderings for Super Bowl LIVE’s Environmental Village. The interactive, experiential space will bring together partners, sponsors, and the community and serve as the culmination of the O2E initiative.

NFL Green’s Jack and Susan Groh provided the overarching Super Bowl environmental goals driving the O2E efforts and Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium vice chair, president and CEO Tom Garfinkel celebrated the program and shared details on the stadium’s efforts and commitment to sustainability, and how it aligns with the O2E mission.

Finally, to hit the ground running, Emily Woglom, executive vice president of Ocean Conservancy, concluded the press conference and invited the community to be part of the first O2E Beach Cleanup following the announcement at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

“As the Ocean Partner for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee, we are thrilled that the environment will be the legacy project of Super Bowl. Florida is an ocean and coastal state, and we are excited to bring the ocean to Super Bowl LIV and to the millions of Americans who follow this event,” Woglom said.

“A healthy ocean and thriving coasts are the features that make Miami — and all of Florida — such a special place,” she added.

“Ocean Conservancy is ready to work alongside local partners to tackle ocean plastic, highlight Florida’s amazing fish and ocean wildlife, and to empower residents, visitors, companies and elected officials to make smart ocean choices that will leave a legacy of ocean conservation in South Florida long after the Super Bowl departs.”

The O2E initiative expands on the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee’s partnership recently announced with Ocean Conservancy, it incorporates efforts to restore and protect the greater Everglades ecosystem and magnifies the NFL Green’s environmental sustainability work around Super Bowl LIV.

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