Pila Leads DBC Breakfast; Leader Networking Follows

Pila Leads DBC Breakfast; Leader Networking Follows
Pila Leads DBC Breakfast; Leader Networking Follows
Peter Jude, Kendall Regional Medical Center and Atty. Albert Naon, DBC Board members, lead table introductions.

The January Signature breakfast of the Doral Business Council offered guests an entertaining and information talk by the City of Doral Economic Development Director, Manuel Pila.

Pila, who graduated from Florida Internation University with a degree in Communications, started his career as a writer for The Miami News, Miami Herald, and South Florida Business Journal.

Pila Leads DBC Breakfast; Leader Networking Follows
Attentive listeners Ambre Valdes-Gine, Hellman Perishable Logistic, DBC member Sari Govantes, Worldcity.

Director of PR and Marketing for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce from 2002-2007, he was Marketing and Communications Director and Program Manager for the Hollywood, FL Community Redevelopment Agency until 2014.

A professional drummer, Pila also hosts a weekly music radio show on Sundays, from 4-6 p.m., “Global Gumbo,” on 88.9 FM/WDNA.

Following Pila’s presentation, DBC board members and committee chairs circulated among tables to introduce themselves and reply to member questions to learn more about those who lead the organization.

Pila Leads DBC Breakfast; Leader Networking Follows
Table networking (from left): Raul Pino, Five Star; James Blasdel, Valley National Bank; Jesus Castanon, President Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce; Luis Lerena, CBT College. Ana Demahy, MDC-West.

Among the DBC leaders: Bruce Siddens, Chairman; Barbara Pimentel, Treasurer; Raul Pino, Secretary; Armando Fernandez and Directors Al Naon, Jr, Peter Jude, Ambre Valdez-Gine, Deborah Mayo and Gloria Burns.

DBC Committee Chairs include Naon, Jr., Government Affairs; Michael Meir, Education; Pilar Sanchez, Forum Committee; Terri Tundidor, International Committee. For more information on DBC, visit www.doralbusiness.com or tel. 305-470-9597.

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