Prime Air Cargo is a centerpiece in Miami’s blossoming flower transport business

Prime Air Cargo is a centerpiece in Miami’s blossoming flower transport business

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Some might say that every day is Mother’s Day, considering the everyday sacrifices women make for their families. But if that were the case, most companies in the business of transporting flowers, such as Doral-based PrimeAir, would be very busy indeed.

Because fresh flowers are inextricably linked to this popular day set aside each year to honor mom, it’s no wonder that Mother’s Day has blossomed into a major holiday that boasts a $1.9 billion-a-year flower expenditure.

PrimeAir, a division of the Prime Group, is at the forefront of this logistics sector, ensuring that the most fresh and beautiful floral bouquets get into in the arms of loving mothers on their special day – and every day in between. They work as a general sales and service agent for airlines around the globe, offering cargo services, operations, handling, and accounting.

And although the peak Mother’s Day season just passed, PrimeAir continues to work with key customers such as Atlas Air, Emirates Sky Cargo, and about 750 flower importers and distributors in providing that important link between the source countries and the market.

Says Prime Group President and Pinecrest resident Roger Paredes, “Wee are so pleased that the 2018 Mother’s Day season was so successful, with record breaking volumes coming out of South America, especially Bogota and Quito.”

Back in the Day
PrimeAir has a long history in the shipment of flowers. Paredes launched the company in 2001 in Ecuador representing several air cargo carriers involved in the transport of flowers from Quito.

“The expertise we gained in those early days, and have built upon, allows us to retain long-term customers while at the same time generate new business among companies. Especially those looking for the best in customer service, know-how, and logistical management of getting flowers to Miami and beyond.”

Flowers were always very important to PrimeAir. “Initially we supported operations between Quito and Miami only, but the exports just kept growing, so we soon entered the Amsterdam market,” says Paredes.

“As business continued to grow, we did too, by moving into Colombia, New York, and Los Angeles – pretty much following the flowers all over the world.”

Prime Air also services suppliers of other perishables product lines including as fresh produce and fish, but has also evolved into the shipment of a wide range of dry cargo, up to an including aircraft engines and heavy machinery.

PrimeAir is a part of the Prime Group, a network of coordinated cargo and freight specialists with offices and representatives worldwide. For information, visit or call 305 -592-2044.

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