Stroke Awareness Month: Hero Highlight – Gerald Nieves

There was one situation that I’ll never forget it must have been my first couple months of joining the team.  I was on call.

Dr. Kashual activated the team. We came in as quickly as possible. 

We got the patient on the table.. or before we got them on the table they were confused, couldn’t talk. Couldn’t lift extremities and in 20 minutes we got in and got thrombis out and by the time she was back on the table she was crying and thanking us and was able to verbalize her thoughts it was amazing.

I had never seen that fast of a reaction, so it really impacted me

What’s really important for the community to know is that when a patient starts showing signs of a stroke to call 911 immediately. Don’t go to an urgent care or a free standing ER.  They’re essentially just going to call 911 as well, you’re going to have wasted that time.

When you call 911 Fire rescue will know to take you to a facility equipped to handle that situation like Palmetto General Hospital.

I am an interventional radiology technologist. I assist our IR doctors with interventional   procedures, minimally invasive    

our team is very tight. We work very closely with each other   No one thinks this is my role, this is your role.  If my job in this case is finished   then I’m going over to help this (the next) person so we can get in and out and be as efficient as possible and nobody really takes their role as ‘this is my role and I did that’. Everything is ‘us’

At the end of the day you are saving lives and you’re helping people.  It’s amazing.

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  1. That’s amazing.! We are proud of you! Thanks for helping people everyday. God bless you!

  2. Good job!!! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for helping save lives everyday.


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