Technology Transforming MCS Educational Systems

Technology Transforming MCS Educational Systems
Technology Transforming MCS Educational Systems
Instructor Juan Delgado at Smartboard with (l-r) Elizabeth Rosillo, Lukas Velasquez, Rex Magann, physics students.

We live in the twenty-first century, a time where almost anything and everything is technologically based.

This is an age where technology has been incorporated into nearly every facet of life, replacing older ways and simplifying our daily lives in a multitude of ways. Over the last two decades, during which we have experienced the largest growth in daily technology, we have seen the changes in every area and in an unprecedented way in education field.

Students no longer have the need to spend countless hours at the library searching through piles of books in order to study for an upcoming test or finding the material needed for a research paper.

Students are now capable of directly accessing whatever they need through the Internet, a world literally at their fingertips. The school environment has forever changed and the way everything was done just ten years ago is a thing of the past. Miami Christian School has taken advantage of technology in a big way. Students participate in an integrated laptop program and teachers perform daily lessons using SmartBoard technology.

Several classes are offered that do not even require textbooks because the class involves the use of a virtual books, capable of being accessed through the Internet which allows the security of always having the books accessible.

Miami Christian is also invested through the online software program called Edline, allowing students and parents alike to check for upcoming events and homework assignments as well as weekly grades and report cards. Through the same website, parents may communicate with teachers regarding questions about assignments or other matters.

As technology continues to grow and improve, one can be certain that quality educational institutions like MCS will keep its technology up to date, providing its students with the best learning experience available.

(Christopher Gonzalez is a junior at Miami Christian School)

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