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Today’s fast paced business world demands that we be at our best all the time. Our challenge is to fully maximize the knowledge and skill sets we’ve learned through the years to be competitive. There is an enormous need to recharge ourselves every day. We need to be like a speed boat able to shift and adjust our course swiftly to a fast and changing market, as opposed to a large cruise ship that needs to slow down just to make a small change of direction. The question then becomes how to do this.

My company, The Renatus Group, LLC, specializes in assisting professionals to re-invent themselves through a new dynamic training model that combines time tested methods with modern rules of business development. Our Signature Programs have been designed to work with organizations and individuals that are serious about taking their business to new levels of success. Just recently we introduced our latest workshop called “Business Champion Boot Camp” An intense half day session that concentrates on 4 key areas;


  1. Doing it Now…13 weeks to breakthrough; How to create the results you’re looking for through
  2. intense focus, commitment and accountability.
  3. Relentless Marketing; Learn the importance of consistent marketing
  4. activities that will attract the right clients for you.
  5. Honor your Process; A direct approach utilizing a pre-determined discovery
  6. process to assess the true needs of your prospective client.
  7. Stay in the Trenches; Understanding the keys to long term relationship management.

Any one that’s been in the business world the last few years has learned through formal training and experience, certain skill sets that they use in their daily business activities. Not only do we need to implement this knowledge consistently, but adopt the attitude of ongoing learning understanding that we must keep ourselves fresh and updated in our chosen field. Imagine going to a doctor who graduated from medical school 20 years ago but hasn’t lifted a finger to update their knowledge. Question, would you visit that doctor for your medical needs? Of course not!  The same thing is true about us as business professionals. If we’re not keeping up to date and continually learning, what value are we really bringing to our current and future clients?

Our intent at The Renatus Group is to work with those who embrace lifelong learning and are serious about expanding and accelerating their business success.

As a result of an overwhelming, positive response, we are thrilled to announce that we will facilitate our second Business Champion Boot Camp on Friday morning June 21st, 2013. The workshop will be held again at the Intercontinental Hotel at Doral Miami 2505 N.W. 87th Ave. Miami, FL. 33172. Check-in and breakfast will be at 7:30am with the program running from 8:00am to 12:30pm. For information on registration and more on the Boot Camp, please visit our website; or contact us directly at (305) 490-2348

We welcome all business owners, team leaders, managers and anyone responsible for generating revenues to attend. If you’re ready to be a “Business Champion”, join us on the 21st.

Pete De La Torre


The Renatus Group, LLC





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