Warm Welcome for 16 New Venezuelan Students

Warm Welcome for 16 New Venezuelan Students
Warm Welcome for 16 New Venezuelan Students
MCS Instructor Israel Ortet welcomes 16 Venezuelan students (l r): Israel Ortet, Jarid Gonzales, Freddy Rodriguez, Amilca Yanez, Alex Rodriguez, Alvaro Morales, Gabriel Bordones, Gabriel Britto, Anpernee Jimenes, Luis Veloz, Horveys Valera, Alfredo Malpica, Voictor Silva, Francisco Aguana, Angelo Noguera, Miguel Yrigoyen, David Aguiar.

Change is never an easy situation for anyone to go through, regardless of what that change might be.

One of the most difficult changes that one could face in this life is leaving one’s homeland for a new country, a change every immigrant faces. Most immigrants entering the United States come to this country seeking a better life and better opportunities than the ones they would have received in their home country.

A language barrier can make it even harder to adapt and feel at home in a foreign environment. South Florida, however, is perhaps one of the most culturally diverse locations in America, making it a welcoming place to any incoming immigrant.

Although the diversity varies greatly within South Florida, Miami is predominantly Hispanic and the Doral area composed of a population 83.14% Hispanic (Venezuelan and Colombian nationalities predominating). The community has become a welcoming place with many current residents sharing a cultural heritage with newer arrivals. The location itself offers many appealing attractions to make each feel welcomed and more comfortable in calling this new place their home.

The move to Unites States, of course, is hardest felt by children and adolescents. Attending a school where English is the only accepted language can present a difficult hurdle but one that many new arrivals have embraced.

In recent weeks Miami Christian School, welcomed 16 new students who recently moved to the US from their Venezuelan homeland for the chance to receive an education here and also to play baseball in a local sports league. The students at MCS have embraced the new students and made them feel at home.

Many are able to connect with others through their Hispanic culture, passion for sports or even by faith and beliefs. Teachers along with the students have done their part in helping the newcomers learn the language and familiarize themselves with the school system.

It’s never easy to enter an unfamiliar place, but when there is a group of people doing their absolute best to make you feel at home it makes the situation a different story.

MCS has shown its true character by embracing these new arrivals as if they had been part of the school family all along. The transition to a new life is always better when there are genuine people helping you every step of the way.

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  1. I do not care for the gated community life at all but do like the Venezuelans alot and feel they make Doral a nice place to live in.

    Jose (NY Cuban transplant)


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