AYS # 54: Rule 3 / 3.850 & Stand Your Ground / SYG Hearings

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  1. Here’s a link to an article I wrote on how to make the motion and conduct a pretrial immunity hearing under Fla. Stat. 776.032. See page 6 at: https://www.8jcba.org/resources/Documents/Nov%202022%20Newsletter.pdf. There are 20 articles on related subjects I authored there going back to the January 2020 issue. Including one on temporal and behavioral framing of a deadly force incident.

    Many pretrial motions I have read suggest ineffective assistance. And many arrests are made in the face of likely immunity from arrest under Fla. Stat. 776.032. You made good and interesting points. I have listened or viewed to hundreds of podcasts on the subject, this one is certainly near the top of my list.


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