Candidates for mayor of Palmetto Bay : Eugene Flinn

Candidates for mayor of Palmetto Bay : Eugene Flinn
Eugene Flinn

1. Why are you running for this seat in Palmetto Bay government?
“Palmetto Bay’s best days are ahead of us. That is why I’m running; because the current administration has lost its way and I have the experience, vision and commitment to get our village back on track.

“I am committed to stop the administration’s reckless overdevelopment policies, to curb their tax-and-spend policies as well as implement meaningful traffic solutions. My vision is to include all residents and create updated plans responsive to our needs. It’s time to renew our commitment to a resident-driven form of government that once again engages and listens to our residents and not to special interests seeking to exploit it.

“The current state of parks is an affront to our motto ‘the village of parks.’ In 2017, we started a revised Parks Master Plan process, holding numerous meetings with residents. Not only has the master plan not been completed in four years, the parks aren’t even being maintained. That will change under my administration.

“Enough with the endless lawsuits! I’d rather see those legal fees used for maintaining our parks or for our police. I am the only candidate with the record of successfully resolving lawsuits.”

2. What do you consider the most urgent issue for village residents? How will you tackle it?
“Overdevelopment. Our village is being overrun by high density apartment buildings towering over our once quaint, peaceful bedroom community. We will work together to bring the promised restaurants and resident-friendly retail.

“The current administration’s policies run in stark contrast from what our village was always meant to be. As your next mayor, I will draw from our original vision and return to the principles that made our village a great place to live and raise a family. We must also focus on key issues such as Miami-Dade County’s Rapid Transit Zone (RTZ) that will profoundly impact our village, if not properly managed. I have experience and an excellent track record in dealing with Miami-Dade County. We must plan and work within the law and make quality decisions rather than the current lazy method of turning important decisions over to the courts.”

3. Why do you consider yourself to be the best person for the job?
“I have experience building community and consensus. As an elected official, I involved all residents, not just those who agreed with me, and got things done. I won’t shirk decisions or let projects drag on for years. I’ll act on grants, unlike the current administration which allowed millions in grants to be squandered or returned. Under my leadership, residents will participate in village planning, see our work come to decision and see results — all without multiple tax increases over the last few years including property tax increases, the FPL Franchise Tax, and the increase in stormwater fees.”

4. What closing statement do you want to make to our readers?
“This is a campaign about competing visions. Do we reverse the vision of the current administration who believes in higher taxes, high-rise development and uncontrolled spending, or my vision, of resident participation, transparency, lower taxes, protecting our bedroom community’s lifestyle and promoting fiscal responsibility?

“Village voters will have two very different visions on the ballot this November. We must return to town hall meetings to bring our community together and involve residents in the future of our community.”

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