Children, Families, Students, Naturalists & Newcomers are invited to Flock to Tropical Audubon Society for BIRD DAY!


The 2.2 near-native acres that comprise Tropical Audubon Society and its Steinberg Nature Center campus will be the site of the 8th Annual Bird Day, an engaging, educational afternoon and an enriching outdoor experience. Featuring interactive games and prizes, the free Bird Day festival is designed for children and families, students, scouts and naturalists of every age. Participants can learn how to identify birds, take part in owl pellet dissection and experience a microscopic view of the colorful world of feathers.

Bird Day celebrates the annual northbound flight of nearly 350 species of migratory birds stopping in South Florida on their return to North America from the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico. To help welcome our avian visitors, attendees can learn how to create an attractive “rest stop” in their own yards and get primed to participate in the “Great Backyard Bird Count” (taking place February 15-17). The larger role our region plays on the Atlantic Flyway will be illuminated by Cape Florida Bird Banding Station, South Florida Audubon Society, Audubon Everglades and the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program.

2pm Great Backyard Bird Count Workshop: TAS Board Member and Field Trip Coordinator Brian Rapoza will host a Great Backyard Bird Count Workshop and Bird Walk in collaboration with Leica Store Miami. Bird watchers of every level can learn how to participate and contribute to the national tally.

Bonus: Explore the trails that thread the site’s Tropical Hardwood Hammock and Pine Rockland habitats; tour the historic 1932 Doc Thomas House that serves as TAS headquarters.


Date/Time/Location: SAT, February 15, Noon-4pm; 5530 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143

Parking: Limited free parking via 55th Avenue auto entry gate; free parking at Riviera Presbyterian Church; various meter, garage and valet options within 1-3 blocks; Metrorail service to South Miami.

Social: #BIRDDAY2020

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