Clerk Fernandez-Barquin: New Jury Duty Law

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    Jury Duty is a civic responsibility in Miami-Dade County, where residents are randomly chosen to serve as jurors in either civil or criminal court. To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and meet other criteria as per state and local laws. If you’ve served previously, you may be called again no sooner than one year and one day after your last summons.

    Florida law provides automatic exemptions for certain groups. Individuals aged 70 and older can choose to be permanently excused. Other automatic exemptions include those with a medical condition preventing jury service, individuals facing financial hardship, or those with caretaking duties that cannot be delegated. Parents who are primary caregivers of children under six years old may also request excusal if their service would leave the child unsupervised. Active-duty military personnel, expectant mothers, and full-time students are also eligible to request exemption. Starting July 1, 2024, new mothers who have given birth within the last six months can request to be excused from jury service.

    Discretionary exemptions apply to individuals with physical or mental incapacity preventing jury service. Additionally, convicted felons who have not had their civic rights restored and individuals who are the primary, unpaid caregivers of someone with a significant incapacity requiring substantial assistance are ineligible for jury duty.

    For more details on exemptions, contact the Miami-Dade Clerk of the Court and Comptroller, Jury Division at 786-828-5879 or email

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