DOH is trying to restrict patients again!

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Recently, DOH filed to dismiss Florida’s medical marijuana smoking lawsuit. They are once again trying to go against the will of the voters. However, we will not give up until patients have access to all forms of medical marijuana. You would think DOH would be too busy for this, as they have still YET to do the following that SB-8A requires:

  • Create testing standards
  • License independent marijuana testing labs
  • Create edible regulations
  • Create dosing regulations
  • Create a statewide seed to sale tracking program
  • Approve/disapprove pesticides
  • Approve/disapprove solvents
  • Approve/disapprove contaminants

In addition, the State has still not outsourced the patient ID card system, which – even though we have almost 40,000 patients registered – leaves thousands of patients waiting every day and and in some cases facing 1-2 month waiting periods due to backlogs, according to the Miami Herald and WEARTV. This is unacceptable and needs to change for patients. We will continue to fight for you.

Please help us continue this fight by DONATING ANYTHING YOU CAN HERE TODAY, as we are back in Tallahassee again this week fighting for patients.

Thank you,

Eric Stevens
Florida For Care

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