Feliu gears up campaign for South Miami Mayor

Former South Miami Mayor Horace Feliuis ready to lead The City of Pleasant Living once
again. His mayoral campaign is in full swing, and “the people’s mayor” has announced his ambitious plans for a fourth term. South Miami’s mayoral election will take place for the first time on Tuesday November 8, 2022, along with the general election. Vot- ers will be going to their precincts instead of City Hall.

“In order to lead a city effectively, espe- cially in times like these, experience matters. I am the only candidate with the experience and proven track record as mayor to work effectively with a city com- mission,” says Feliu. “Inflation is the high- est it’s been in 40 years and people are hurting. Among my highest priorities will be
lowering taxes for our citizens.”

The 32-year resident of South Miami served as mayor of the city from 2002-2004 and 2006-2010, following terms as vice mayor and city commissioner. During that time, Feliu led the charge to grow the South Miami Business District, and he envisions a new push to attract more companies to the city’s commercial center. “Business growth results in an increase in business tax revenues,” he explains. “We can also work to lower property taxes for homeowners by lowering the millage significantly to offset the increases in assessed value. I will also lobby Miami-Dade County for an increase in everyone’s homestead exemption because it’s long past time for it to be raised.”

On Feliu’s previous watch as mayor of South Miami, he built the Municipal Garage
and the Gibson-Bethel Community Center. He also created the county’s first Green Task Force, led the beautification of Sunset Drive, and instituted a traffic calming plan through- out the city, which has kept vehicle speeds down and made the roads safer. “Enforcement of our speed limits is an important tool to keep our neighborhoods safe for pedestrians and we need to look at better ways to enforce our traffic laws.”

“Great quality of life and safety have al- ways been among the reasons people move to South Miami and open businesses here,” he says. “I will lead the effort to ensure quality, controlled development within the city, address parking and traffic issues, and continue to grow our park system. I also support moving the Police Department to a more central location, hiring more officers, and giving them the best training possible.”

Professionally, Feliu serves as an Adjunct Professor of biology for Fortis College and is Director of SterilQuip, Inc., a biomedical engineering company. He lives in South Miami with his wife Seida and raised their daughter Sarah and sons Henry and Danny. “I want to make sure young families can raise their kids with the same opportunities and quality of life
that my kids had.”

“I am not using South Miami as a stepstool to run for higher office nor am I beholden to special interests. We need to bring people together and learn to reach a consensus on issues. South Miami is my home, it’s your home, it’s our home and we need to keep its hometown feel,” says Feliu. “I hope South Miamians will turn out and vote on November 8th and elect Horace Feliu as their mayor, for new ideas from an experienced leader. We can do better.”

For more information about the mayoral campaign of Horace Feliu, contact him at 305-299-7968 or at horacefeliu@bellsouth.net. Visit his website for more information:

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