Framing photos can be as easy as 1-2-3


The first question is why add a picture frame to a photo? Photos help keep one’s memories alive. Whether it’s your wedding, your daughter’s quinceanera, a trip you took with friends, your favorite dog, or even your family or parents, photos are really necessary to remember those moments in time.

So what are ways to frame your photos? Many retailers sell   ready picture frames for common size printed photos such as 5 x 7 inches, 11 x 14 inches or 16 x 20 inches. These common sizes frames come in lots of colors made from plastic to metal, from porcelain to wood. Usually made cheaply from China, they fit a low cost budget. If you are looking for better quality, your local custom picture frame shop is a better choice. Almost always made from wood, it will be mounted, matted and much better quality glass.  Picture frame shops such as Frames USA in Miami are a very well equipped to frame any size photo. The owner, Adam Brand, says “customer’s are looking for the frame that will enhance the photo to make the room it’s going in light up with smiles and memories. “With any picture frame shop, that is a common goal of the industry.

What should go into the frame selection for your photo? First, starting the process of selecting the perfect frame for your photo, then choose the color. Common frame colors are black, white, silver and gold. Readymade frame retailers have limited selections, while your local picture frame shop will usually have a huge selection. Custom frame shops will usually recommend adding a mat to the outside of your photo so it never sticks to the glass. There is no professional help with readymade retailers, they just sell a packaged frame and glass item.  Custom frame shops can add an easel back or a wire to hang on the wall where that might not be true of a readymade. Frame shops can offer variety of colors and size mats where readymade vendors are limited with there selling choices. Custom picture frame shops also  add different types of glass from uv protecting to non-glare acrylic and everything between.  The custom frame shop gives customers options. Finally, the boarder around the photo is important. It is called matting and there are different types of boarders. First the boarder are made of a mat board, and these mat boards in a picture frame shop are called the photo’s matting. The color choices are in the hundreds. Customers can choose linen matting, acid free matting, paper matting and faux leather matting. Suede, linen, and linen liners are also common boarders for your photo. They come in lots of choices and colors. Usually priced a bit higher then paper mats, they give a more elegant look to your photo boarder. Some customers can also choose a second frame to act as the photo boarder.

A highly recommended custom picture frame shop in Miami is Frames USA & Art Gallery. They are located at 6822 SW 40th Street , Miami, FL 33155 and have  been framing photos for over 26 years. They have great prices; offer same day picture framing; are open seven days a week. Community Newspapers has used their services for over a decade.

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