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Six months ago, I evaluated three patients in my new state-of-the-art facility, USA StemCell, who were complaining of severe and incapacitating pain in the lower back and legs. All three had a pain intensity of 10 out of 10. None had seen improvement with current treatments, which included long hours of physical therapy and multiple medications such as antinflamatories and pain killers. Two of these patients had even endured unsuccessful spinal surgery. I am happy to share their stories of success with stem cell and biologics treatment.

Florence is a 70-year old college professor who started experiencing back problems 10 years ago. Shortly after her pain started, she had spinal surgery. The bad news is, this did not control her pain. Over the years, Florence has consulted many area pain management doctors for relief, but the pain persisted.   

Robert is a 74-year old retired engineer who loves to scuba dive, but had to stop his favorite hobby due to severe pain in his back. The heavy tanks and demanding activity were too much to bear. Instead of helping him resolve the pain, doctors simply recommended he stop diving

Maria is an 80-year old Cuban housewife with severe deterioration in her ability to go about activities of daily living. After her second back surgery, Maria was unable to cook for her family or visit her grandsons. Needless to say, she became very depressed.

These three patients came to me with the hope that stem cell and biologics byproducts would accomplish what their previous medical treatments had failed to do. They wanted relief from the chronic pain that hindered their daily lives. They had heard about the thousands of patients who had improved their lives without surgery. In fact, all three of these patients were referred to USA StemCell by friends or relatives who had achieved success with this revolutionary treatment.

All three patients received a combination of autologous stem cell from bone marrow and fat, which is energized with a biologic byproduct from the placenta and umbilical cord of healthy babies. This process and procedure are approved and monitored by the FDA. The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes and is performed in a special, designated suite. The stem cells are implanted into the damaged tissue of the back with millimeter precision under a fluoroscopic guidance, which ensures 100 percent accuracy.

Following the procedure, patients move to the recovery room to have breakfast with their family members. They are discharged home wearing just a small band-aid on their backs. Contrary to what many think, the recovery is short. Patients can go home immediately and most of our international patients can fly back home the next day without any risk. The best news is, the pain will now be under control.

Compared to back surgery, this is like night and day. In more than 7,600 cases, I have not had a patient experience one side effect or major complication. There is no bleeding, no hematomas and no infected wounds because this procedure is performed through a probe without the need for complicated surgery. The most common complaint after the procedure is discomfort from muscle spasms, which can be easily controlled with basic medication. 

My three patients in this story – Florence, Robert and Maria – started seeing drastic improvement in four to six weeks. The pain diminished with each passing day. They did not have any limitations, and they did not have to attend a physical therapy program. During this period of remodeling or regeneration, they saw a marked improvement in their abilities to perform activities of daily living. They not only improved their physical health; they also improved their psychological well-being. Robert is now scuba diving with tanks every weekend or when the weather permits. Florence enjoys taking long walks at sunset. And Maria not only visits her grandsons, she plays with them.

You can be one of these happy patients. There is no reason to mask your pain with painkillers or undergo risky back surgery. You carry the cells, and you have access to my state-of-the-art facility, USA StemCell. Together, we can change the paradigm of medicine with stem cell treatment.

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    • Yes there is, and I wish that I had known about it before I recently had two hip surgeries. The procedure uses stem cells harvested from your pelvic area and then reinjected into your hip joints. I am having so much muscle, tendon and SI joint pain, following my surgeries, that I have elected to have the stem cell injections next week in Florida. The doc who is going to do it, happens to be the team surgeon for Florida State University, and he’s the best you will find anywhere. He treated my daughter’s SI joint injury back in 2004, when she was a competitive swimmer. Back then he used prolotherapy injections rather than stem cell injections. If you’re interested, his name is Dr. Kris Stowers.


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