Got Sport’s Jersey? Got Frame!


Blue mat! Red mat! Orange Mat! What about the frame? Black frame, silver shadow box frame, or mahogany two inch frame could be possibilities. So many colors for framing your favorite sport team’s jersey it sounds like choices from a Dr. Seuss book. To finish your choices, should you use regular glass, conservation glass or even acrylic! So many options just for framing the team shirt! Mounting the jersey, sew it on, float it between two pieces of glass, or use three mats and spacers? Wow!

There are Miami sport team fans for sure. They route for the Dolphins, the Marlins, The Panthers, The Heat and a slew of other Miami Team Sports. Then there are the folks from other cities who show their pride in other city sports. Then there are the locals who have team favorites from other cities. Finally, there are athletes that become people’s favorites and they influence what teams’ people like. These are the collector’s of sport team jerseys. Filling their home walls, their man caves and their offices.

Hanging on walls throughout the world, there are amazing framed soccer shirts. In offices throughout Brickell, there are framed basketball jerseys. Let’s not forget the Miami fans who for years framed Dan Marino’s jersey. The list can go on between lacrosse, tennis, volleyball and other sports jersey’s. The list can include car racing uniforms and swimmer’s bathing suits and even the 6th grade class t-shirt. Whatever it is, your local frame shop can frame it. Miami has one of the best frame shops for framing jerseys and shirts and it’s located on Bird Road and it’s called Frames USA & Art Gallery. For 26 years, this picture frame shop has been doing work for collegiate athletes, high school athletes, professional athletes and the youth. “One of our frame shop’s happiest customers is the person who frames their sport jersey, “says Adam Brand, owner of Frames USA. “Hundreds of framed team shirts fill the walls of Miami,” Brand says.

Individuals and coaches frequently call Frames USA or email inquiries to see how long it takes to frame a jersey, how much it costs to frame a jersey and the store hours. Most jerseys take under five days to frame. Jersey’s can cost between $250 and $600 to frame. There are lots of factors that change the prices. Frames USA is open 7 days a week. The best thing to do is bring your jersey to Frames USA and get a quote. Frames USA is located at 6822 SW 40th street Miami, FL 33155. Their website is .

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