Grant Miller exposes City of South Miami’s house built under running power lines!


Grant Miller talks about a prominent issue in the City of South Miami, and asks Mayor Sally Phillips to step up and resolve it! #southmiami

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  1. Taxpayers are being buggered by the City. See my comments on fb.
    No excuses are acceptable.
    Sally has inherited a problem that she had no hand in creating. No doubt there will be more. Her dear friend Phil implored her to run, and now she inherits the the pile of **** that he left behind!

  2. Got an idea! The city can cut off the part of the bldg that is under and/or too close to the power lines, then put up a wall on cut off area, finish bldg , and sell for just enough to cover all expenses. It will be ugly and funky looking unless someone can do something very creative.
    This came before the Planning Board for review because it needed (MANY) variances from our Land Development Code. I was on the Board at the time and voted NO to approve of this harebrained scheme. I gave my reasons, as always, for the record. Nonconforming lot way to small. To many substantive variances on required setbacks. Not even room to park a mini car. I believe that mine was the only NO vote. What a harebrained Board and a harebrained Commission to approve of a house with so many deviations from Code. Could have been a place for a storage shed and that’s about it. I hope that City government learns something from this harebrained mistake. There is such a thing as too small. Who was the brainiac who came up with this stupid scheme? Was it the architect? Does anyone remember?

  3. As I mentioned at the Commission Meeting this past Tuesday, Shari Kamali, the newly appointed city manager who received a great bonus years ago and thereafter for taking over the code department via “city manager” Steve Alexander, has done absolutely nothing in the code enforcement department, yet she gets paid as well as the non existent employees of that department. What a waste of taxpayer money. Shari Kamali was appointed a week before the election, yet the mantra has always been to allow the new elected commission to do a search for a city manager. Where is her back ground check. Perhaps the city should remove her before things get worse and btw, why does she no longer work for the City of Homestead as well as the City of North Miami prior to Alexander bringing her to South Miami. Just because an employee treats commissioners nice and residents is not a reason to have them work in the city. The residents of this city deserve a search for a new city manager, because in my opinion she along with the newly appointed mayor are just another pipeline to the former Mayor. This city nears a swift house cleaning because in my opinion has been nothing bus a cesspool for the past 10 years. Before major severance needs to be paid, the commissioners need to be proactive and do a proper search for city manager, a new perspective, because Shari Kamali, city manager steve alexander, former Mayor Stoddard, the building director and planning director have known about this house issue for years and choose to do nothing about it. Disgusting

  4. The architect, a close friend, supporter, and resident of the city, was PAID by the city. The city needs to sue the incompetent architect in addition to making her/him financially responsible to remedy it. The reason the former Mayor did nothing is because of the relationship the Mayor has with her/him. Obviously the architect is incompetent and thought with the Mayor on their side, they could do whatever they want. Quid pro quo indeed, and it runs rampant in the city

  5. Should be interesting to find out who was paid for this fiasco which is an eyesore and not only a liability but is continuing to lower property values. We have a banana republic right here in South Miami. Thank you CN for reporting what the Miami Herald has failed to do.

  6. I find it to be absurd that City Government can not DETERMINE WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY THIS IS! Isn’t this a situation that the City Atty should be able to sort out?
    If not, maybe this situation should go before a Circuit Court Judge who knows contract law. Truth be told, City Government does not want to deal with this because the decision makers and the creators of this mess would have to be held responsible.
    This would most likely have changed the outcomes of the recent municipal elections!!!
    Who would vote for anyone stupid and feckless enough to approve of all the decisions that went into this doomed project?
    This is truly a lack of transparency and accountability from government.
    What a crock!!! When people learn the truth, many may want a redo of the elections.


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