Gulliver Middle School students win Environmental Art Contest


Gulliver Middle School students win Environmental Art ContestThe fifth grade students of middle dchool science teacher Olympia Schneider at Gulliver took first place in the 2020 Pinecrest Gardens Environmental Arts Contest. The visual arts contest prompts students to create a piece of art inspired by the nature that depicts “Wings of the Tropics.” Students researched and worked on art pieces of birds, insects, and flying creatures of The Tropics. Gulliver fifth graders won in the grade 4-6 group. The prize was $1,000 to be used for an environmental project for the school and a $400 cash prize to use at their discretion, along with a trophy. The art featured a yellow and blue Macaw with its wings extended. One wing is supporting a healthy flourishing rainforest, while the other wing supported a burned and desolated rainforest to demonstrate the dichotomy of what humans are doing to the environment. The final art piece was created by students contributing to various components of the paper collage. The photo shows the students holding the winning art with their teacher, Olympia Schneider.

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