Here’s what the Mayor had to say about my recent column


Click here to read what Mayor Karyn Cunningham had to say about my recent column.

Below, find Kelly Craig’s letter…

Dear Mr. Miller:
I’m writing to set the record straight regarding your op-ed item in the October 17, 2020 edition of “Miami’s Community Newspapers” entitled, “Mayor Karyn Cunningham Continues to Fail Palmetto Bay,” In it, you wrote that in addition to others, Mayor Karyn Cunningham “…chased out the Village’s beloved Public Information Officer, Kelly Craig.” Let me be clear: nobody “chased me out.” It was my privilege to have served the Village of Palmetto Bay as P.I.O from February of 2018 until I resigned in July of this year. Having spent nearly 30 years as a television news anchor, the position provided me new and exciting opportunities, including assignments that teamed me with former Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn and subsequently, Mayor Karyn Cunningham. I highly enjoyed working with both, and as my resignation letter clearly stated, Mayor Cunningham always viewed our accomplishments as collaborative efforts. So no, she did not “chase me out.” Quite the contrary.
I care about Palmetto Bay, and I stand with residents who are disgusted with the tactics of those who are willing to disparage the reputation of the Village in their attempt to gain political favor.  As for my name and reputation being invoked, now you know the truth. I hope you will share this email with your readers.
Kelly Craig


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