Horace Feliu

Horace Feliu
Horace Feliu

Horace Feliu is running for the office of Mayor of South Miami.

Feliu has been a South Miami resident for 31 years. Feliu has 12 years of experience as Mayor, Vice Mayor, and City Commissioner of the City of South Miami. He attended Florida International University, receiving MS Ed; B.S. – Mechanical Engineering; B.S – Biological Sciences, 1979 – 1994. He has worked as the Director of SterilQuip, Inc., a Biomedical Engineering Company providing sales, service and consulting on sterilization, sterilizers, steam generators and O.R. equipment since 1992. He has been an Adjunct Professor at Fortis College. He raised his family in the city and has been involved with community service in South Miami for more than twenty years. He has done volunteer service with Habitat for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity International. He received a patent for a Telecommunications Device for Reading Power Meters issued August 16, 1988 – United States 4764952; a device for reading and transmitting electricity consumption through the phone lines. Purpose is to improve accountability, efficiency and increase profits.

1. What prompted you to run for office?
“The desire to keep South Miami residents in charge over developers and special interests so that new South Miami families can have the same ‘City of Pleasant Living’ experience our kids had.”

2. What do you think the most important or urgent issues are for the City of South Miami?
“We need to stop the illicit sale of our iconic City Hall for pennies on the dollar in order to prevent it from being demolished and replaced with a high density, anti-environment, traffic creating building. In addition, we need to stop the use of developer initiated spot zoning which negatively impacts our quality of life causing a depreciation of the value of our homes. We also need to prevent further attempts to outsource our Grey Ghost team and Public Works department.”

3. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?
“As a former Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioner, I am the only candidate with a proven track record of not supporting zoning changes, let alone spot zoning next to single family homes. In addition, I am the only candidate with the experience in business and government to improve our infrastructure, i.e.: street improvement in front of City Hall, building our first Municipal Parking garage, Gibson-Bethel Community Center, Church street improvement, traffic calming circles, as well as creating the Green Task Force and sponsoring and passing The Equal Rights Ordinance.”

Feliu says that while serving as Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Commissioner he consistently lowered taxes while balancing budget; built first Public Parking Garage (2007) creating an increase in jobs and businesses in South Miami’s Town Center; established first Green Task Force in Miami Dade County; published the City Budget on website (2004); initiated first city-wide street calming projects (2002); led to completion of first recreation center (Gibson Bethel); sponsored resolution to purchase first handicap accessible bus for Senior Citizens (2007); initiated and saw to fruition beautification of Church Street, 84th Street, Sunset Drive; planted record amount of shade trees throughout South Miami; initiated and led to fruition Paciencia Park beautification (South Miami Metro Rail Station).

Horace Feliu’s campaign website is https://www.feliuformayor.com/about

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  1. My vote goes to Horace Feliu! I have known him for years and I know that he has the will and the knowledge necessary to hold back the tidal wave of high density development which has been fostered, facilitated, and promoted by Stoddard /Alexander and cronies. Horace will only allow what is permitted by code.There will be no more giveaways of our zoning. Our zoning code allows more than enough density as it stands. Horace cares about our quality of life above all else, and that will be destroyed if increased density is not controlled. This should be our number one concern at this time since it is the biggest existential threat to our city that our Commission can actually deal with by their votes. If you share my concerns, vote for Horace Feliu!


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