Intuition Robotics Launches ElliQ, the Award-Winning Care Companion Robot, for Commercial Sale

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Intuition Robotics today announced the official commercial launch of its digital care companion, ElliQ which is now available for purchase via to older adults in South Florida. ElliQ, the sidekick for healthier, happier aging, accompanies older adults on their journey to age independently while motivating them to live healthier lives. Home to one of the largest 65+ populations in the United States, South Florida is a top priority for Intuition Robotics to introduce its commercial launch of ElliQ.

Developed with more than five years of cutting-edge research and beta testing with older adults, ElliQ is the first-ever proactive and empathetic care companion. Combining psychology, behavioral sciences, and advanced cognitive AI capabilities, ElliQ is designed to proactively empower older adults to live active, engaged, and connected lives at home, while alleviating the effects of loneliness and social isolation to support their social determinants of health. ElliQ connects older adults to their families, caregivers, and the outside world. 

This announcement comes at the back of the company’s successful “care program” that ran over the last few months. Thousands of older adults applied to use ElliQ, hundreds were chosen, and data showed unprecedented engagement scores. Older adults interact with ElliQ an average of 20 times a day for an average of 20 minutes a day, using ElliQ mainly for health and wellness support while spending time with ElliQ as a companion. This is possible due to ElliQ’s unique ability to project empathy and build trust with the user. Through acknowledgment, proactive engagement, and referencing previous conversations, ElliQ is more of a presence that accompanies seniors, opposed to just another device in the home. 

ElliQ offers a range of companionship, health and wellness, communication, entertainment, and assistive features, including the following: 

  • Physical exercise videos through a partnership with Silver Sneakers
  • Health content through a collaboration with Mayo Clinic
  • Access to transportation support with Uber Health
  • Daily conversation and inspiration 
  • Regular check-ins and notifications to a loved one if there is a need
  • Health & wellness goal setting and tracking  
  • Reminders for events, appointments, and more
  • Ability to easily send and receive text messages & conduct video calls
  • Memory recording and sharing, music, jokes, trivia, news, and engaging activities

Pricing begins at $29.99 per month subscription (for an annual plan) that includes unlimited use of the hardware and software, unlimited warranty, automatic software updates, media, content, games, and support. Additionally, there is a $249.99 enrollment fee that includes account setup, shipping and handling, installation support, 4 wellness coach sessions, and 3 service-free concierge transactions. For purchase information and a 30-day risk-free trial, customers can visit

Use Discount MCN50 for a $50 discount on the enrollment fee.

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