“Joe Carollo is a Fraud” says Little Havana property owner Bill Fuller

Joe Carollo
Grant Miller, Publisher

Although Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo has attacked a Little Havana property owner for code violations, evidence submitted to the City of Miami Thursday indicates Carollo has done construction work at his house for years without pulling the proper permits.”Is Joe Carollo above the law?” asked Bill Fuller, the Little Havana property owner. “Carollo has attacked my businesses using city inspectors, the city attorney and others to do his dirty work at the same time that he has done construction work at his Coconut Grove without permits. He is in violation of the law. Now what is the city going to do about it?”

At a press conference in front of Miami City Hall, Fuller and his business partners provided public records Thursday of the construction work and the violations that Carollo has at his Coconut Grove home. The pictures also indicate that Carollo cut down a protected tree without permission, which could generate tens of thousands of dollars in fines and require him to plant new trees.

Is Joe Carollo crazy… or crazy like a fox?

Fuller has also filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Carollo’s ongoing attacks on him and his properties are motivated by a political vendetta stemming from Fuller’s support of Carollo’s opponent during the recent election. Fuller’s lawsuit claims that Carollo’s attacks are illegal because they violate his first amendment right to free speech.

”Joe Carollo says he is a champion of the law,” Fuller added. “But today the evidence shows clearly that Joe Carollo has violated the law. Joe Carollo is a fraud.”


To view some of the public records, click here.

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  1. Which Miami commissioner is not a fraud? The city was run as a banana republic long before it was an actual banana republic. Nothing changes, regardless of the demographics.

  2. No permits, no problem.

    Just like the city dump in not-so-beautiful-after-all Coral Gable$.

    Years of 24/7/365 days-a-year “projects” at this neighborhood menace.


  3. He’s not a fraud. He’s authentic to the core. He’s an “adelantado”. He’s the prototype of the kind of “politician” that is commonplace today, like the one we have in the Bada-Bing House (formerly the White one). Which is why the Banana Republic blueprint made in Miami has gone national these days. I can even remember the images of him running after his wife down Miami Avenue trying to “grab” her… I have called our tremendous president our first Cuban-American president knowing that, just as Bill Clinton used to be called the first black president long before Obama, Joe Carollo will some day be there for us and play Obama’s role. GO JOE!!!!

  4. I’m pretty sure that both Fuller and Carrollo mare playing the same under the table game. Several of those restaurants and clubs have seen plenty of renovations without going through the proper channels. Two guys with enough cash to do things the right way pointing fingers at one another like children on a playground. Grow up both of you. If you want Miami to be great, lead by example.


  6. There are some city commissioners trying their best to do the right ailthing and banana joe is not one of them ..he’s a stain on this committee. its sad somebody like him can keep getting reelected.

  7. The fact that someone with such a spotted past as Joe Carollo has enjoyed a long career, and still does, really says it all about what kind of place Miami is. We even have a county commissioner who was pulled over a few years ago, speeding at 70+ in a 35 mph zone, on a motorcycle, in sandals, no helmet, drunk (there’s a body camera video of the whole thing on youtube if you want to search for it), and has the gall to regularly go on preachy diatribes on the dais at BCC meetings. How was he acquitted of a DUI? Don’t ask me, don’t ask anyone, I guess.

    It’s not fair to the actual honest, intelligent, selfless people who do give it 100% to have to suffer for the stench of moral decay and dishonesty these scumbags like Carollo have hanging all over this place. It’s not fair at all, and maybe this is why we can’t have nice things in Miami, and maybe we don’t deserve good people to put on their biohazard suits and clean up this mess.

  8. Always with the ethnic undertone, “Banana Republic”.
    It is evident by your statements that some of you have a problem accepting the Cuban influence in Miami.
    “We’re not going away”
    You should see what happens in other major cities.
    He needs to be held to the same or higher standard as a commissioner.

  9. He’s a good commissioner fighting for his community that’s being priced out of their long time home’s & Apts, are being purchased by outsiders who raised the rents where The Long time residents can’t afford to live there anymore. I wish some black political office holders would do the same thing for the people who put them in office. I’ll keep hope alive.


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