Josh Liebman

Josh Liebman
Josh Liebman

Josh Liebman is running for the office of South Miami City Commission, Group II.

Liebman is a Miami native and has been a resident of South Miami for more than 10 years.

For more than 80 percent of that time he has been serving the residents of South Miami as a City Commissioner/Vice Mayor. He has an MBA from the University of Florida and also an Undergraduate degree in Business. He is a Good Government Graduate. He has run more than 100 full marathons (26.2 miles each).

1. What prompted you to run for office?
“I want to continue to serve the City of South Miami honorably. As the only incumbent in the election, over the last 8-years:

I championed the Beautification and Improvement of all of our Parks. As a result of my efforts, South MiamI Parks are the best Parks Transformation Story out of 34 municipalities in Dade County over the last 15 years.

I lowered taxes.
I spearheaded the New Blue Street Signs to Beautify, Brand, and Define South Miami.
I introduced the New Parks Signs to again Beautify, Brand, and Define South Miami Parks.
I quarterbacked the New Welcome Sign on 80th Street and US1.
I initiated the New South Miami Logo in an effort to increase City, Civic, and Staff Pride.
I pioneered all of the Downtown Beautification Projects.
I originated the New South Miami Website and Community Gym.
I created the first South Miami Sister City Program, which prompted the first scheduled visit from a President in the 90+ year history of South Miami. Also as a result of the Sister City Program, I secured 3 donated sculptures worth over $250,000 for Art in Public Spaces. Speaking of donations, previously I also secured a donation of 100 Flowering Trees for the City of South Miami.

The above represents a fraction of my efforts and there is still work to do….”

2. What do you think the most important or urgent issues are for the City of South Miami?
“I will continue to preserve our neighborhoods and residential quality of life, while keeping our city services rich and our taxes low. I will continue to fight for traffic calming and city beautification, while maintaining stability at City Hall and among our great staff. I will continue to work for you, which is why my campaign slogan is still ‘Running for YOU’.”

3. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?
“My record speaks for itself and I stand on my record. South Miami resident and State Representative Javier Fernandez agrees with his endorsement. As do our neighboring Mayors. Mayor Joe Corradino of Pinecrest. Mayor Raul Valdes-FaulI of Coral Gables. Mayor Karyn Cunningham of Palmetto Bay. Just to name a few. The 10 bullet points above represent a fraction of the Positive Change I have brought to South Miami. It is my honor to continue to serve the residents of South Miami.”

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  1. Josh Liebman= High Density on Steroids
    Record of many absences
    Voting by phone call
    Does not reply to phone calls or emails unless you are one of his high density pals
    Wanted our City Hall property to be zoned same as the high density, high rise zoning that was given to Sunset Place.
    Denied his record of abscenses at the last Commission meeting, which is a matter of public record.


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