La Mora Italiana Restaurant: ‘Great food, great family’

La Mora Italiana Restaurant: ‘Great food, great family'

La Mora Italiana co-owners Tito Scuccato (left) and Roberto Battistoni (center) are joined by and Tito’s son, Pierre.

These days, diners don’t dare visit a new restaurant without first checking out what’s being said on social media. It’s just good common sense. And what they’re saying about La Mora Italiana is: it’s just uncommonly good, especially in a town where restaurants come and go like breadsticks.

But clearly, this establishment is in it for the long haul. Not only is it racking up a long line of amazing reviews, but Palmetto Bay’s La Mora Italiana has found a unique balance between being a family-friendly restaurant and a great place for mom and dad to sneak out for a night on the town — especially on Wednesdays when happy hour extends well into the evening with wine specials and live music.

So what are they saying online?

William C. of Miami — who now qualifies as regular — shared this on Yelp: “I went there by myself about a week ago to check it out for lunch… The owner, Tito, and his son, Pierre, were there and we chatted. Nice guys. So I took my wife today — and they remembered my name! Tito’s wife, Morena, even came over to meet us. Great food, great family… We will be back!”

Also on Yelp, Jose F. of Miami reported: “If you are looking for an authentic Italian place, this is it! Super clean and the owner is always there taking care of the clientele. Best Italian pizza in all South Florida.”

On this note, La Mora’s Titziano Scuccato concedes. “I know it’s the best Italian pizza for miles around.”

Better known as “Tito,” the restaurateur came here from Verona, Italy, bringing with him signature culinary talents that were passed down to him through the generations.

Since opening in 2016, La Mora has been providing locals with the best Italian meals from Italy. Scuccato is now joined by his business partner, co-owner Roberto Battistoni, a former banker who hails from Northern Italy.

“We all wear many hats,” said Battistoni, a resident of Palmetto Bay since 2000. “When I am out delivering pizza and people find out I’m one of the owners, they are very surprised. But that’s how it works here. We are all like family and enjoy what we do — whatever the job may be.”

Tito’s son Pierre also does a little of everything — and more — from his station in the dining room where he mostly mans the pizza oven.

He darts deftly from the oven to the take-out phone to greeting and seating guests — yet still finds time pose for pictures with the younger set who just want to get a close-up look at a big fiery oven.

“If you are lucky, you get to do what you love,” said Pierre, who at 24 years old already is a master of one of life’s most important lessons.

“It means so much when people say how delicious my pizza is. It makes me so happy,” he said. “Most guys who work an oven like this are much older, but I have only been doing this only for two years. That’s why I am really proud — and I really love what I am doing.”

When Tito hears people say they just want regular Italian food, he gently points out his food is “not so much regular at all — rather I create unique, authentic dishes that are made with real passion and love. It’s really special, like in a true family restaurant back in Verona.”

The secret of La Mora, named after Morena, is staying in touch with new trends in the world of ever-changing Italian cuisine.

“I get to go back and forth to see my parents in Verona, so I am constantly experiencing new techniques and flavors and approaches to preparing and presenting our food,” Tito said.

But he also is aware that his American customers have their favorites, traditional plates such as spaghetti and meatballs, done to perfection with homemade tomato sauce prepared in house using organic and fresh ingredients.

La Mora Italiana offers exquisite Italian dishes that have been prepared with authentic recipes and flavors right from Verona. So whether you are hungry for a Margherita Pizza, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, or Chicken Francese, Tito and his staff will take you on a culinary adventure that will scintillate all your senses. They also offer a wide assortment of irresistible wines to accompany your favorite meal.

So you don’t have to go as far as Italy to experience amazing Italian food and wood-fire pizzas. Just head over to La Mora Italiana at 17225 S. Dixie Hwy. in Palmetto Bay. And you really might consider going on a Monday, the day of week so many other area restaurants are closed.

La Mora is open Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays, 10 a.m.-11 p.m.; and Sundays, 2-10 p.m. (closed Tuesdays). La Mora Italiana also delivers your favorite pizza or a full Italian meal to your doorstep. Call 786-701-2675 or conveniently place your order online at

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