Letter to the Editor from Palmetto Bay Mayor Karyn Cunningham

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Mayor to give State of the Village Address on Dec. 6
Mayor Karyn Cunningham

As the Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay, I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the  support and collaboration we have received from the Miami-Dade County Board of  Commissioners regarding the development of Tanglewood Linear Park. The unanimous backing  for this project in committee underscores our shared commitment to enhancing community well being, promoting environmental stewardship, and fostering a legacy of inclusion and sustainable  urban planning. 

The vision for Tanglewood Linear Park is ambitious yet grounded in the collective aspiration of  our residents for a greener, more vibrant community space. This park is not just an addition to our  landscape; it is a pivotal step towards redefining our relationship with nature and each other. By  transforming county-owned parcels along 77th Avenue into a sanctuary of greenery and  recreation, we are setting a precedent for how communities can thrive when public interests are  placed above private gains. 

The benefits of Tanglewood Linear Park are extensive and multifaceted:  

  • Foremost, it will serve as a communal hub for recreation and relaxation, offering amenities  such as walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas that cater to all ages and interests.  This inclusivity is at the heart of our mission to enhance the quality of life for every resident  of Palmetto Bay. 
  • Moreover, the park will play a crucial role in environmental conservation. By preserving  this land, we safeguard our local ecosystem, promote biodiversity, and contribute to the  global effort against climate change. This commitment to environmental stewardship is a  testament to our community’s values and our responsibility towards future generations.  
  • Economically, Tanglewood Linear Park represents a wise investment in our community’s  future, promising returns that extend beyond mere financial gains. 

As we move forward with the development of Tanglewood Linear Park, I wish to reaffirm my  commitment to working closely with our residents, stakeholders, and our esteemed Mayor and  County Commissioners. Our approach will be one of inclusivity and transparency, ensuring that  every voice is heard and that the park evolves in a manner that reflects our community’s collective  desires and needs. 

We recognize that the success of this project hinges on our ability to listen, adapt, and collaborate.  To this end, we will engage in ongoing dialogues with our residents, seeking their input on  enhancements and features that will make Tanglewood Linear Park a truly exceptional space for  all.

I wish to extend my deepest thanks once again to the Miami-Dade County Board of  Commissioners for their unwavering support. Your belief in this project is a powerful affirmation  of our shared values and objectives. 

I invite you to continue this journey with us, as we work hand in hand with our community to bring  the vision of Tanglewood Linear Park to fruition. Together, we can create a legacy that will be  cherished by generations to come—a green oasis in the heart of our community that stands as a  beacon of public benefit, environmental responsibility, and communal harmony. 

With sincere appreciation, 

Karyn Cunningham  

Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay

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