Lina Sierra

Lina Sierra
Lina Sierra

Lina Sierra is running for the office of Mayor of South Miami.

Sierra was raised in the South Miami area. She is a graduate of South Miami Senior High (Class of 1987), the University of Miami and Florida International University, receiving an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Public Relations, as well as a Master’s degree in Education. Sierra is a devoted single mother, life-long educator and committed to effectuating what is best for the community. She says she has dedicated her personal life and entire professional career to making a positive difference in several ways. Her experience with budgets, compliance and leadership as well as her commitment to helping others are what she says makes her an ideal Mayor for the City. Sierra’s experience includes professional development, contracts with various school districts, college exam preparation courses, partnerships with a digital/virtual content providers, tutorial services for both public and private schools, and institutional compliance as well as grant writing where she was awarded approximately 85 percent of the grants she submitted. Sierra was previously employed in several roles with Miami-Dade County Schools (MDCPS), one of the largest school districts in the country for 14 years, before transitioning to the private and nonprofit sectors. Sierra is also dedicated to assisting those who are less fortunate. These activities include creating an English Language Learning Lab for impoverished children in the Dominican Republic, participating in the Victoria’s Fashion Show Committee to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Women’s Guild Committee.

1. What prompted you to run for office?
“I love this City and that is why I moved back three years ago and plan to stay here for the rest of my life. I am running for office because I feel I have the dedication, drive, passion and ability to ensure that South Miami is pleasant for its residents, merchants and visitors. Our City is a gem, and as times change, we must make careful adaptations so as not to change the character of it.”

2. What do you think the most important or urgent issues are for the City of South Miami?
“I believe that the most important responsibility of any elected leader is to ensure the safety of our residents and I will work tirelessly to fight all crime in our City and ensure that our residents and our families feel safe in their homes and in our neighborhoods. I will also focus on addressing cut-through traffic, rising property taxes and parking downtown.”

3. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?
“Having grown up in the area, I have strong ties to the City. I am a lifelong educator and professional and I believe I have the knowledge and skills needed to be Mayor of the City of South Miami. As Chief Operating Officer, I am experienced with budgets, staff, leadership, compliance and regulations. These skills are essential for success in the job I am seeking. In addition, I am a problem solver. When faced with an issue, I look at relevant facts and determine which is the best way to address the situation. Furthermore, I have presented at several national and international conferences and I am accustomed to public speaking which is instrumental in public office.”

Lina Sierra’s campaign website is

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  1. Please take notice of number 2.
    Lina says absolutely nothing about the onslaught of applications for high density projects which require upzonings, significant variances, and EVEN THE CREATION OF BRAND NEW ZONING DISTRICTS WHICH WILL EXACERBATE SERIOUS PROBLEMS THAT ARE A CONSEQUENCE OF OVERPOPULATION, OVERDEVELOPMENT, OVERBURDENED INFRASTRUCTURE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES.
    These issues are paramount challenges that we are facing NOW, and we need strong leadership that will address these issues with urgency, confidence, knowledge, and strength of character.
    Lina has been fighting ardently against an undesirable townhouse project abutting her own neighborhood, yet has failed to address the fact that the ENTIRE CITY is threatened with high density, not just her own neighborhood!
    Our next mayor will either be part of the problem or part of the solution .
    A mayor who is a NIMBY and leaves out the entirety of the city is not ready for prime time. My request for Lina is that she attend Planning Board, ERPB, HISTORICAL PRESERVATION BOARD, CRA and Commission meetings and then run for a seat on the Commission or better yet, apply to get on a Committee or Board. Only then will I know if she sincerely shares my values and concern for our city.


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