Living Minute Series – Health and Hope in 60 seconds

    South Florida PBS’ Health Channel has launched the Living Minute Series consisting of daily evergreen one-minute reports featuring stories about new medical research, groundbreaking treatments and tips to improve mental and physical well- being. These reports often include stories of optimism and resilience as we continue to struggle with a world-wide pandemic.

    Living Minute reports air on South Florida PBS’ channels, WPBT, WXEL and Health Channel and are shared on all South Florida PBS and Health Channel’s AllHealthGo’s social media and digital platforms ( They are also being shared with PBS stations across the country on a daily basis through MyPBS and Wavelength at no cost.

    Click below to see four of the 30+ produced so far:

    Radioactive Seeds That Battle Brain Cancer: Radioactive seeds have been used to treat prostate cancer in the past but now neurologists are using these seeds to successfully treat brain cancer.

    Heart Cells in Space: Cardiologists working with NASA scientists are trying to grow human heart cells in a zero-gravity environment in space and are having some success.

    Fully Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19: CDC research indicates that fully vaccinated people carry a lot of the COVID-19 virus in their bodies and can infect others. This finding led the CDC to change its guidance on mask-wearing in indoor public places in some areas.

    A New Way to Treat Emphysema: Surgeons using new valves in the lungs can improve the quality of life for patients with advanced emphysema without the risk of complex lung surgery.

    Some additional topics covered:

    Fighting Male Infertility; Game Changers in Asthma Treatment; A New Non-Surgical Treatment for Prostate Cancer; New Medications to Treat COVID-19; and Working to Cure the Coronavirus

    The Living Minute series is funded by Thermo Fisher’s ReadyCheckGo program which maps out a streamlined protocol for students, K-12, to swab and submit samples for testing each day. Comprehensive K-12 coronavirus testing can be quickly implemented with the Thermo Fisher Scientific ReadyCheckGo testing program. With pooled sampling to keep costs more efficient, swabbing done quickly by students themselves, and prepaid return shipping to the testing facility, this program is designed to make in-school coronavirus testing an easy reality for students, educators and parents alike.

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