MAGICAMP® The Miami Children’s Summer Day Camp Program teaching kids magic and boosting their self-confidence for 30 years


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The program was begun by David Gindy, himself a magician and entrepreneur, in 1989, in a classroom at the University of Miami. Today, it enrolls 1,000+ kids a year and employs over 50.

MagiCamp – the Miami children’s summer camp program where kids ages 5-12 learn all about magic and in the process build their confidence and self-esteem – is celebrating its 30th year of operation. The camp was started in 1989 by David Gindy, himself a magician and business entrepreneur, who started the program out of a classroom at the University of Miami.

From those humble beginnings, where Gindy instructed 20 awestruck children as the program’s sole counselor and instructor, MagiCamp now enrolls over 1,000 kids annually, at the University of Miami, as well as at Pinecrest Community Center in Pinecrest and on the campus of Lynn University in Boca Raton. Over 50 certified teachers and professional entertainers are employed.

“When I started in 1989, I had no idea it would grow like this,” Gindy said. “I just had so many parents approaching me after my magic shows and asking me about giving lessons. I thought it would be a good idea to offer a camp program. I was very shy as a child. I started doing magic at age six and by seven I was performing onstage. Magic gave me a huge self-confidence boost.”

Gindy added, “It’s a thrill to see how magic can helps a child’s poise, self-esteem and hand-eye coordination.” Others have noticed, too. MagiCamp is the only Dade County camp awarded accreditation by the American Camping Association, for safety and excellence in programming.

FunCamps programming was recognized by Disney Family Magazine as one of the top five unique camps in the country. FunCamps is the umbrella under which six summer camp programs exist, all of them owned and operated by Mr.Gindy. They are described at

MagiCamp is a success because it is a one-of-a-kind magical summer program for children of all ages and skill levels. “In the blink of an eye, kids in our MagiCamp program find themselves on an exciting, magical adventure, in which they become the magic,” Gindy said. “Over the years, more than 25,000 children have learned the art of magic through our unique camp experience.”

Once they master the magic, kids receive their graduation wand and create a little hocus-pocus of their own. “The best part is that they get to take home the illusions they’ve learned and then are able to amaze their family and friends,” Gindy said. He added the curriculum isn’t limited just to magic. Also taught are stage presence, juggling, balloon art, drama and improvisation.

The other five programs in the FunCamps family are as follows:

Amazing Science Camp® & Space Camp: Children (ages 5-12) not only learn about the many facets of science but get to become real life scientists, doing amazing science experiments daily. Those who dream of being an astronaut learn about the world on space, astronomy and rocketry, have astronaut training and even build and launch their own rockets with their counselors.

JurassiCamp™:A unique experience for future paleontologists. Children (ages 5-12) learn about the world of dinosaurs and even get to be paleontologists themselves, participating in fossil digs where they get to keep the real fossils they discover.

Game Tech Institute® : For the innovators of tomorrow, The Game Tech Institute (ages 8-14) is where children learn computer programming, storyboarding and participate in video game tournaments They also create their own video game they get to keep and take home with them.

Camp Idol : Children (ages 5-12) who have always dreamed of being onstage, singing, dancing and acting get to live out that dream in Camp Idol. They learn dance, singing and drama, and at the end of each session put on a show for their family.

Game Tech Robotics Camp :  Children (ages 8-13) are immersed in robotics exploration where children build robots, learn about engineering, programming, have robot competitions, field activities and more.

MagiCamp® runs in two-week sessions, from June 10 to August 16 and is designed for children ages 5-12. Costs run between $477-$495 per session and include all of the magic and supplies needed for an unforgettable magical experience.

For more information and to view videos about MagiCamp and the other camp programs, visit; or call 305-666-2992. Ken Hall can be reached at

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