Michael Rosenberg – Ambitious Agenda for District Seven and Miami-Dade County

    Michael Rosenberg
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    For the last several decades, Presidents, and other elected officials, have made a big deal about their “first 100 days” and all the projects they plan to accomplish during that time.  Here is a link to the “first 100 days” of Presidents since Franklin Roosevelt.  https://www.history.com/news/fast-facts-on-the-first-100-days

    Community Newspapers wanted to know what Candidate Rosenberg planned to accomplish during his “first 100 days” and, as expected from a candidate who often thinks outside the box, Rosenberg responded with the following:

    “I don’t have a ‘first 100 days’, but, rather, what will be done on the actual
    FIRST DAY.  These are causes and issues that I have been working on and by having a seat on the County Commission, I will have many more resources to bring these items to fruition.  So, on my FIRST DAY, this is what my office will be charged with.  This will be directions to my staff at our first staff meeting.

    • Find me the contacts to at least five grocery store chains so I can speak with them about opening a store in the West Grove. The West Grove is a “food desert” and our goal is to get a grocery store there as soon as possible.
    • Schedule a meeting with MDX so we can discuss having free tolls for those that carpool during rush hours.
    • Draft legislation to bring to the voters the idea of a Super PLUS Majority that would require 11 out of 13 Commissioners to vote ‘Yes’ to move the UDB line.
    • Review existing verbiage from the County Recycling Department and create simpler directions to improve our Recycling Program.
    • Craft a plan to require newspapers that print Public Notices to also print an explanation of what those notices mean, in plain English. In other words, “Government Speak” needs a translation.
    • Find out the cost to implement Free Transit in Miami-Dade County to encourage commuters to get out of their cars and use our buses and trains.
    • In order to analyze the complex Miami-Dade Budget, find a forensic CPA, either from the County or in the public sector, who will dissect every aspect of the Budget so the Community can understand, in simple language, where our money is going and if it is being used properly.
    • Start the process of creating a new 311/911-type number for citizens who believe that they have been harassed by Police, landlords or business owners, managed by experts that specialize in that type of situation. It would be a number ONLY for the purpose of handling that specific problem.
    • Begin the introduction of the Liberty Trust, a Plan, similar to the Children’s Trust, Homeless Trust and the Pets’ Trust, but, specifically, for programs for the inner cities. I would want the names of organizations and their leaders to begin those conversations.
    • Schedule phone calls with the top health officials to plan meetings to get the latest on COVID-19. This would be in 2021, so, of course, we would be hoping a vaccine is close, but, if not, reviewing options going forward is of utmost concern.

    Rosenberg added, “the staff that I will employ needs to be highly ambitious, self motivated and driven by a desire to take the awesome responsibilities of this office to levels never seen before; and led by someone who lives by that example.  I might add, they would also be empowered, strongly empowered, to offer critiques of my decisions and never be afraid to speak up.”

    The Community Newspapers asked, “All of that on the first day?”, to which Rosenberg responded, “Just watch!”

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