Palmetto Bay’s No-Show Manager Might Be A Sign of Bigger Problems


Call Sherlock Holmes. We got ourselves a little mystery in Palmetto Bay.

It turns out Mike Renshaw is not the Village’s new manager after all. And everyone on the council is a suspect as to why he backed out.

Grant Miller

Did he sign his contract with invisible ink? Don’t think so.

Even though Palmetto Bay officials offered Renshaw the heftiest compensation package of any prior manager, he said, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.” With that, Renshaw committed to staying as the manager of Barrow County in Georgia.

How we got here: Renshaw was selected during a virtual special council meeting conducted on Thursday, June 25. Mayor Karyn Cunningham, and council members voted unanimously to hire him as the new manager starting August 1. The selection followed a search conducted by the Mercer Group executive search company that began in December 2019.

Mayor Cunningham had been promoting Renshaw for weeks on end, via social media and advertising, not to mention emails and more. Yet, we, the public, learned that he wasn’t coming from the Barrow News. What’s going on here? Why didn’t she keep us in the loop. Are you telling me that the Barrow News knew and the Village of Palmetto Bay did not? If so, that’s another problem, that Palmetto Bay was not notified.

But let’s face it – no matter what happened, it’s a black eye to Mayor Cunningham.  She should fess up and explain what happened behind the scenes. Otherwise the gossip is going to eat the Village alive.

Until Cunningham tells us otherwise, we are going to be left to our own devices, which means lighting up social media with theories.

So, what is it going to be Palmetto Bay? Death by a thousand posts or hold a press conference and get it over with in one painful shot. With Zoom, you don’t even have to face your constituents right then and there. Or better yet, keep everyone in the LOOP.

I think it’s time to step up and take your medicine. Tell us what happens next and this time, make sure the manager has already started moving in before you announce the new member of the Palmetto Bay family.

Otherwise, I’ll have to dust off my deerstalker hat, like Sherlock Holmes wears, and pick up a big magnifying glass at the science shop down south and get to it.

As Holmes once said, “The Game is Afoot!”

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  1. Mr. Renshaw’s keywords in the Barrow County article are: “I’ve got a good working relationship with the board here and that’s crucial to any manager’s tenure” > well that gives it away > Mr. Renshaw obviously may have thought the Palmetto Bay Village Council and staff were a bunch of idiots and would restrict him from implementing sound managerial techniques > perhaps Mr. Renshaw had higher ambitions and did not want to be a bought and paid for “yes man”?

  2. The mayor and the commissioner’s were all notified that Mr. Mike Renshaw had applied to several places during the last couple of years and had even applied to Las Cruces as a city manager at the same time as here. The mayor did not care and now this happens. We should go with whom ever finished second or maybe not as the mayor was looking for a white person instead of Hispanics.

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