Public Safety Division adapts in time of crisis

South Miami Police cheering on South Miami Hospital healthcare workers, April 16, showing their support for the brave and tireless work they do in the community.

When you click City Services on the South Miami website, you’ll see Public Safety is first on the list. That’s because police protection is top of mind for residents and local business owners – especially during a time of crisis.

Tasked with ensuring the safety of more than 13,000 citizens, the South Miami Police Department (SMPD) has helped the city through many challenging times – major hurricanes for example.

But clearly, nothing has so impacted our way of life – and our sense of safety and security – as the spread of the coronavirus in our community.

While South Miami is presently in a State of Emergency, and for the safety of all residents, the City Manager’s Office has ushered in key service modifications to the Public Safety Division, many of which are aimed at protecting citizens from unnecessary face-to-face contact with the police.

Service Modifications

Most notably, we are ensuring that all officers are provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and that they are required to sanitized their hands daily with surgical-grade antibacterial soap, which is being provided in employee restrooms.

Also, on a daily basis, SMPD supervisory personnel are monitoring the police at the beginning of their tour of duty and taking their temperatures prior to being deployed on the street.

Enhanced Presence

Police are immediately responding to all calls in a normal timely fashion – but now at an even faster rate, due to an enhanced patrol function achieved by reassigning detectives from the Investigations Division to the Uniform Patrol Division.

This was done not only to enhance response times but also to boost police visibility in our residential neighborhoods. When citizens see an increased police presence, they feel much safer.

Business Areas

In addition, we have strategically placed specialized patrols in our commercial areas to prevent burglaries, since a lot of the businesses are now temporarily closed.

“The South Miami Police Department is here on the frontline increasing safety for our residents and officers – and always will be, whether we are facing a pandemic, a hurricane, or anything else that impacts our great city,” said South Miami Chief of Police René G. Landa.

Contact South Miami Police

SMPD offices are presently closed to the public, Citizens may stay connected via email or by calling Non-Emergency Dispatch ta 305-663-6301.

In case of an emergency, dial 911. For TTY/TDD Service dial 800-955-8771 for the Florida Relay Service. Please also feel free to call City Hall at 305-663-3668.

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