Rehab Lab Has a Proven 3-step Process To Get You Out of Pain


We know that the human body is designed to heal itself. We also know that pain can be complicated. At Rehab Lab, we are entirely results-driven, which is why we created a One-on-One Concierge Physical Therapy practice – with the client always in mind.

If you have tried one thing after another and still have lingering pain, let Rehab Lab show you what can be done. Based on the highest degree of research in the field of pain science, we customize patient treatments using hands-on techniques and holistic movement methods to finally get them out of pain, regardless of their most dire diagnoses.

Rehab Lab is so successful at what we do, due to our three-phase method of rehabilitation: Release Tension, Regain Mobility, and Retrain Movement.

Release Tension: During this phase, our mission is to decrease pain. We use gentle, but very specific hands-on, soft-tissue release methods to get you out of severe pain as fast as possible. We also guide you through breathing techniques to help your Central Nervous System stay calm during this process. Only when your pain has drastically improved, we are free to move onto the next phase.

Regain Mobility: Our mission during this phase is to regain flexibility in the muscles that surround your site of pain. We want to create space to ensure you have good movement in the joints above and below your injury and so that the painful tissue stops overworking and compensating. During this phase, we use isometric contractions to strengthen the muscles at their end ranges so that your nervous system grants you access to greater ranges of motion in a shorter time span.

Retrain Movement: Finally, we use a combination of holistic movement methods such as Pilates and Yoga to teach your body and mind how to re-integrate natural movement without fear or hesitancy. Whenever we experience an injury or pain, we feel that body part as separate from the whole. We should not have to think about moving “perfectly” in order to not feel pain. If you do not teach your body how to move effortlessly and efficiently, you may continue to experience temporary bouts of pain.

If you believe your pain is coming from arthritis, muscular tears, herniated discs, and osteoporosis, allow Rehab Lab to evaluate you and demonstrate how the root cause of your pain typically stems from fear of movement, muscle guarding, and poor movement habits that linger long after an injury heals.

If you’re finally ready to be free of pain, let Rehab Lab empower you to regain control of your body and life. Give us a call today.

Rehab Lab Concierge Physical Therapy is located at 8790 SW 132 Street, Miami, FL 33176. For information, call 786-478-6652.

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