Rep. Donna Shalala’s Statement on Senator Bernie Sanders’ Remarks on the Castro Regime


    Congresswoman Donna Shalala (FL-27) released the following statement:

    “Senator Sanders’ comments on the Castro regime are misguided, ill-informed, and unacceptable. Over the last six decades, hundreds of thousands of Cubans have risked their lives to escape the tyranny of the Castro regime – a reign of fear, paranoia, and oppression that regularly abuses human rights in order to stifle free thought and democracy in Cuba to this very day.

    “I believe Senator Sanders would benefit from taking time to meet with the many survivors of Castro’s Cuba who now live in South Florida. My hope is that after meeting with the exile community, he will recognize that the Cuban regime – and other similar authoritarian regimes across Latin America – are instruments of evil and are not worthy of his praise.”

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    1. Bernie Sanders stated that Castro created a “model” education system and then said “what’s wrong with that, it’s a good thing “. Many teachers were fired or quit because they refused to teach the new communist scripted lessons. children were not given factual history of either Cuba or the world. New textbooks were printed and the others all destroyed. BTW, the teachers that were fired were not able to get any other employment by edict of the government. These facts can be found in many articles and books written by those who had to flee the communist regime or end up going to “the wall “, the firing squad .This is what Senator Sanders should have known as a member of congress. shame on him. God bless America and all that work and earn everything they have without government hand-outs.


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