Sofia Sarria guides those seeking healthier and more balanced lives

Sofia Sarria guides those seeking healthier and more balanced lives
Sofia Sarria

“I just want to help people feel better,” said Sofia Ana Sarria, a Miami-based Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who describes herself as an unshakable optimist.

Once you meet her, it doesn’t take long to realize that Sofia is extremely knowledgeable about her calling as a nutrition coach who guides others in finding healthier routes to take along life’s journey.

“Everyone wants to feel better, but there’s so much conflicting information out there about which diet is the best, or what exercise you should do,” Sofia said. “My role is to quiet the noise and help my clients break down their unique challenges, goals, establish a nutrition and wellness plan, and then give them the tools to succeed.”

After earning a degree at the University of Miami and a decade spent in the business world, Sofia decided to follow the old adage of “do what you love.” Since her passions include fitness, nutrition and helping others, Sofia enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s certification program and launched Healthier Days early this year. She says it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“It’s hugely inspiring to me when I can help someone break down barriers and guide them in becoming their healthier-self potential,” she said. “I bring things to people’s attention that they might otherwise overlook because of their busy schedule, whether it’s improving their nutritional habits, helping them structure their day to find time to work out, or something as simple as reminding them of the importance of drinking water and a good night’s sleep.”

Sofia teaches that nutrition is not just about the food on your plate. What we eat as well as what feeds us mentally and emotionally (such as career, relationships, physical activity), are all critical to ensuring a long and balanced life. As a coach, she guides her clients in nourishing themselves at every level. She does this by first understanding what makes up each client’s unique life: marital status, children, daily schedule, eating habits, and, of course, what their biggest food challenge is.

She then helps them develop simple, easy-to-handle diet tweaks and lifestyle changes to their routines and offers encouragement every step of the way to keep them focused and on track to achieving their goals. She offers special programs for new brides, new mothers and mothers-to-be, as well as corporate programs for a heathier office.

“I’m fascinated by the science of nutrition and the mind-body connection in achieving sustained wellness and happiness,” Sofia said. “All of us can unlock our potential. We just have to break down some obstacles, establish a realistic plan and have someone to guide and encourage us. That’s where I come in.”

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