South Miami’s Restaurant Renaissance

On the set of Food Paradise at ROK:BRGR with owners Marc Falsetto and Chuck Hazlett.

These are indeed busy times in South Miami. Leases are being signed, and retail space is filling up. One of the newest additions to our quaint city is Pub52, which is leading the renaissance . The Gastro Pub opened its doors during the first week of August and is doing well, thanks you for asking.. This is just the spark of fun that South Miami needed and I’m subtly ecstatic about the restaurant’s opening. A must-try in my opinion are the hongolitas. Granted, Pub52 may be known for mouth-watering steaks, burgers and wings, but the secret gem on the menu are these tacos I’m referring to. Roasted wild mushrooms, avocado relish (yes, avocado relish), pickled red onions, aioli, and although I hold off on the cream and monterey jack cheese that are normally standard with the dish, it still gives my taste buds a whirl. I highly suggest and encourage to stop by Pub52 and try these hongolitas and tell them that I sent you.

In addition to Pub52, a fitness boot camp and two more restaurants are opening as well. Yippee! South Miami is about to be revived. These new places will surely attract lots of well healed folks to come back to the city of pleasant living.

ROK:BRGR was the center of attention last week in South Miami, more than it already is. Earlier last week, the Travel Channel came by the restaurant to see what all the buzz has been about for the past few years since the restaurant’s opening. The place was packed with not only patrons, but an entire film crew to cover all the action. Also in attendance were several notables from the South Miami brass, including commissioners Josh Liebman and Luis GIl, along with City Manager Steven Alexander and Deputy City Manager Shari Kamali. Practically every single item on the menu was served and I regret none of it! From the calamari and macaroni starters and sides to the monstrous and delectable burgers, everything there is phenomenal. All of this was done for Travel Channel’s upcoming show, Food Paradise set to debut soon. They really did bring out the works, let me tell you! Have you ever seen a photo shoot for a burger? I have! I’m looking forward to the show’s debut and it’s wonderful to see that South Miami is booming and bustling once more.

And let’s not forget about one of my personal favorites, CASACUBA, that had plenty going on too as well! For starters, Congressional candidate Kristen Rosen Gonzalez hosted a get together which gave her a chance listen to the concerns of the local voters. In my eyes, she did quite well and really capitalized on her opportunity to have some real face-to-face, one-on-one, close up communication that matters most when it comes to gaining voters. We’re glad to see her reaching out and paying attention to what matters most. Well done, Kristen.

The Gold Coast Porchse Club of America celebrating its 55th anniversary at CASACUBA.

Also in attendance at CASACUBA were a few other notable local politicians, which included State Representative Javier Fernandez and South Miami Commissioners Louis Gil and Josh  Liebman. Aside from the political scene, there were members of the Gold Coast division of the Porsche Club of America, celebrating its 55th anniversary!

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Let’s see here, I couldn’t help but notice that Al Lorenzo and Jose Louis Castillo just happened to run into one another while having breakfast at different tables on a very busy day. Both these guys are active in the political arena and try their hearts out to get their respective candidates elected. Golly guys, is there something going on that you’d like to share with us!

And sad to say, that newly opened Hank and Harry’s, right on the corner of SW 73 St and US1 is reportedly closed for summer. HUH?

Let’s see what else. Our very own South Miami celebrity, Commissioner Bob Welsh, made his way up to Tampa for the recent TRUMP rally. He was out there in his own special way, and was so proud to be waving a sign that had a picture of Vladimir Putin that read “Putin won it.” By the way, Bob really knows how to get attention! He somehow managed to be quoted in the Tampa Bay Times.

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4 Comments on "South Miami’s Restaurant Renaissance"

  1. Any word on the irish pub & market by the Irish Times people opening soon?

  2. James Hamilton | August 20, 2018 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    Any idea why the relatively new restaurant, Hank & Harry’s on the corner of US-1 and 73rd street close? Why does South Miami keeps losing businesses?

  3. Sharon McCain | August 21, 2018 at 3:31 pm | Reply

    Didn’t realize Hank and Harry’s closed, perhaps it is because of the Mayor and how he reigns the city

  4. There could be another article written as to the at which those restaurants close. Outback, Carrabas, mellow mushroom, buns and buns, Irish tavern, Menchie’s, brother Jimmys, Rah sushi to name a few. The rental rates in South Miami are unsustainable for small businesses and there appears to be no end in sight. I feel Commisioner Welsh should be a little more motivated about this than wasting his time on Russian Collusion, tax fraud, ICE or whichever story they’re trying to get to stick. There’s so many not sure which one it’s now.

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