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Is there a medical marijuana dispensary opening at 5850 Sunset Drive? It looks like the South Miami City Commission has approved the use of the old home of the Irish Times Pub, which is also the very old home of JJ’s Diner. If things move forward here, South Miami may soon have its very own “pot house” – I mean, its own dispensary where folks with medical marijuana cards can buy their own stash without any problems from law-enforcement.

Here’s something to think about. About three years ago, the State of Florida issued some 325,000 medical marijuana cards to qualified individuals. But here’s the really amazing thing: as of August 2019, nearly a third of them – some 85,000 –
had dropped out of the program due to the fact that they didn’t renew. Now there are lots of reasons why the program has such a high drop-out rate, namely the cost of renewing the state license, as well as the fees doctors charge to renew your “prescription,” which, according to my understanding needs to be rewritten at least every 70 days.

In the meanwhile, if you are so inclined, you can go over to the medical marijuana dispensary on the SE corner of 67th Ave. and US-1 in the new MD Now Urgent Care shopping center – yes, that’s the corner where Tony Roma’s was located for decades, and now sits a new TD Bank branch. Of course you could also go to the dispensary in Downtown Dadeland; or if you want, you can just drive up, park, and walk in the front door at 9600 SW. 77 Ave., located just one block west of US-1 and SW. 98th St.

Back to South Miami… The rumor is there’s a pot house going up on 62nd Ave. It just ain’t true but you never know. But wait, there might be more. I am thinking that maybe my source was simply asking me whether I knew of any pot houses near 62nd Ave. I said, “hmmm, I just don’t know if there are any.” Whatever the case may be, my advice is, get legal!

The upcoming election is presenting quite an eclectic band of elected-official “wannabes.” Without further ado, here are your choices for mayor and for one city commissioner spot:

Mayoral Candidates:
• Bruce Baldwin
• Horace Feliu
• Mark Lago
• Sally Philips
• Lina Sierra

Group 2 Commissioner:
• Cindy Franz
• Levy Kelly
• Josh Liebman

In city hall news, inquiring minds want to know if the current Chief of Police Rene Lander is going to be around after the election. Well, that depends on whom you ask. Some say yes while others say, heck no. It’s hard to sort out, but who knows if the commission will have any say in the matter.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens if and when the new commission needs to deal with proposed Winn-Dixie project at SW. 73rd; as well as the proposed new city hall project. These two items will certainly light up the behinds of the anti-growth folks.

Speaking of cheese, I just re-read “Who Moved My Cheese,” by Spencer Johnson. It reminds me about life itself. And I gotta tell ya, it seems to me and others that it says, don’t get Uber’d out. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you should do so! It’s a good quick read and well worth it.

In other cheese news, I was over at Big Cheese the other day and you could just gotta love that place. They’ve been taking care of folks for something like 40 years. Hats off to the Big Cheese team for making a difference in our community – and our waistlines!

By the way, some folks tell me the authorities are looking at several or more of the elected officials in at least three nearby cities. One of them is South Miami and another is further down the highway in Palmetto Bay. We’re trying to get verification about what’s possibly going on in Palmetto Bay, but here in South Miami, months ago, the City of Pleasant Living got the attention of the “big boys.” I can’t help but wonder if some of those folks know that they are under the watchful eye and looming scrutiny of those big boys. Oh the drama of it all…

Speaking of high drama, one of my favorite spots in another nearby city is the Barnacle Historic State Park, in the heart of Coconut Grove. It’s time to get your Shakespeare on again, as the Florida Shakespeare Theater is set to present “Macbeth” there, Jan 17-19, 2020.

If you’re of the mindset that Shakespeare is too high-falutin, keep in mind this is Shakespeare’s shortest and most accessible play. According to Colleen Stovall, artistic director, it’s got plenty of sword fighting, ghosts, witches and magic. Yay!

Plan to attend one of the evening shows, Friday or Saturday (Jan. 17-18 at 8 p.m.); or Sunday’s twilight performance on (Jan. 19 at 6 p.m.). Seating is limited, so it is best to arrive early. It’s free, but a $5 donation will do nicely and chairs are available to rent for $5.

“To see or not to see…” Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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