The Council’s Columns: Councilman Reggie Leon

I want to thank the residents of Miami Gardens for unanimously re-electing me as their
Councilman. Now the work continues.

This year we were able to launch our Senior Painting project. During the summer, our seniors applied to participate in the program. They had their homes painted along with other beautification projects within a $3,500 budget. The new fiscal year has started, and we’ll begin taking applications for the 2023 cycle.

Over the year, we partnered with Jessie Trice to promote their new community center. I hosted a Community Connection meeting at the facility, and many people attended and learned about the services being offered to residents with and without insurance. From pediatrics to dentistry to cardiology, they have everything under one roof. During the meeting, residents gained an understanding of the new community entrance and exit on NW 22nd Avenue that will connect to County Line Road. Calder Casino has graciously donated the land and Derby Pointe will include the access project as part of the development of the land.

Another initiative from my office was the Resident Local Access Pass. Hard Rock Stadium was instrumental in creating a residential decal so residents could commute to and from work during games or concerts when the streets were closed. Residents can register and collect their decals at City Hall.

I want to thank our residents for providing aid to Harlem Heights, a predominantly African American City that was devastated by Hurricane Ian. They stepped up to help us fill a 53-foot trailer with generators, diapers, food, water, and clothes to assist those affected by the storm. We were able to distribute those items and be a blessing to that City.

A Bright Future

We’re aggressively working with nonprofit organizations for the New Year to create homeownership opportunities and address homeownership issues. I have several meetings with various groups to develop plans to help people continue living in Miami Gardens at a reasonable price. We’re also working with landlords to maintain affordable rates for renters. As a lifelong resident who grew up here in what is now Miami Gardens, it is impressive seeing the growth within the City in these first 20 years. The level of entrepreneurship and businesses now making Miami Gardens their home and hotel companies seeking to develop here — is an absolute pleasure to witness.

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