The Council’s Columns: Councilwoman Shannon Campbell

The City of Miami Gardens is very diverse, we’re fiscally sound, and I am proud that our budget is in order and we’ve been able to sustain our economic growth.

Achievements and Initiatives

This year, we’ve seen new businesses like Chipotle, Wawa, and Moonflower Essentials opening in our community. In addition to the citywide progress, my office has spearheaded

several initiatives to engage our residents. The Entrepreneurship Experience, formerly the Youth Summit, held in September, exceeded my expectations. The event thoroughly engaged both parents and young people. The event was geared towards encouraging the next generation to go into entrepreneurship. Many of them have that grit and grind. At this event, young entrepreneurs shared their stories and business journey with the attendees, emphasizing that if you invest in yourself and stick to your dreams, you can succeed. Our young people need to enjoy and nurture their work to avoid mental health issues.

At the event in September, a makeup artist provided makeovers to some of the girls. To date, one particular girl’s mom continues to thank me because her daughter was depressed, and her mood completely lifted after the makeover. Next year, I’m taking the Entrepreneurship Experience to a new level.

My annual Car Show is coming up on December 10th at Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Center. At this event, we’ll collect toys for the toy giveaway on December 19th at Buccaneer Park.

Turning 20 in 2023

Miami Gardens turning 20 is a dream that has come true. Someone had a vision, and we have taken it this far. Where I grew up, there used to be open land where we would ride horses. Now, you see mini-mansions. The flea market was the hub of activity, but now we have the Promenade, a beautiful upscale shopping plaza with restaurants. I’m also excited to get the senior living facility going.

For the 20th anniversary, I look forward to seeing and hearing from the founding members. I’d like to know more about what they had envisioned and how they feel about the evolution of the City from then to where it is now.

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