The Education Fund receives $16,900 from Amscot Financial

The Education Fund receives $16,900 from Amscot Financial
Linda Lecht

Throughout the month of November, Amscot Financial asked customers to contribute $1 to their local education foundation to provide support for students and teachers when school budgets fall short and tax dollars won’t allow.

“This campaign clearly resonates with both our customers and our associates,” said Ian MacKechnie, founder and CEO of Amscot Financial. “The fact that the funds are used for unmet needs and to help individual students means a great deal to all of us.”

With additional contributions from the company’s founder and Tampa-based corporate office, 2019 contributions totaled $162,688.25. Combined with 11 years of previous one-month campaigns, the total raised reached over $1.5 million.

Amscot’s annual campaign gives our organization a boost every year, allowing us to funnel more money to programs for students and teachers in public schools in Miami-Dade County,” said Linda Lecht, president of The Education Fund ( “We’re grateful to be part of this initiative that supports schools in Florida.”

The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF) works with Amscot Financial to coordinate campaign fund distributions among their 20 benefiting local education foundations in the company’s current service territory.

“Amscot’s Just-a-Dollar campaign is crowd-sourcing for a great cause: Helping meet the needs of vulnerable public school students in Florida,” said CFEF president Mary Chance.

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