Three Miami students tackle a community business


Picture framing has been around for hundreds of years. Framed art and portraits have been beautifying our homes and offices for decades. The historic craft has employed thousands of people over the centuries in every country on earth.

This summer, Miami’s famous 30-minute picture frame shop, Frames USA & Art Gallery, has three new millennia’s who have taken the challenge for their summer work by learning the framing craft that needs no computers or cell phones. It’s a business that relies on learning skills from machinery that cuts glass and as well as matting and other materials. Dillon Giese, Aaron Rodriguez, and Nico Martin are these three students from Miami’s Columbus High School and St. Brendan’s High School.

The “new hirers” will be using safety equipment in the building process as well as watching a plethora of videos on the craft of picture framing. “The learning process will be on the job training”, says Adam Brand, owner of Frames USA & Art Gallery. The three new hirers will practice cutting over and over again until the corners are a perfect 90 degrees. They will learn how to frame a diploma, an oil canvas, a map, a poster, a photo and even a sport jersey. They will be learning how to change conservation glass to Plexiglas. The use of repairing the wire on the back with different gage thickness will also be a requirement.

“I am excited that I am learning about different machines and tools”, says Dillon Giese, a junior at Columbus High School. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work in a small business and be able to see how small business add to our Miami community”, says Nico Martin, a junior at St. Brendan’s High School.  I have always wanted to learn about local artists and different styles of painting”, says Aaron Rodriguez, a junior at Columbus High School.

These three students have also decided to make a video journal of their days a Frames USA. Tune into YouTube and social media outlets where they will be posting their experiences. Ending this article, the three newest members of the Frames USA team says, You Name It… We Frame It….. a slogan the 26-year-old frame shop has been saying for years. Frames USA & Art Gallery is a 30-minute picture frame shop located at 6822 SW 40th street Miami, FL 33155.

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  1. My sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the three students of Miami for creating their business. Very proud of them. GO AHEAD YOUNG MEN!!!


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