Tidying Up the Last Loose Ends After Hurricane Irma

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard

I have been reporting random bits of hurricane damage to staff to get things wrapped up before the new year. This past week, residents have told me about a couple of remaining tree stumps, a downed communications cable, and a missing “No Turn” sign. These are being addressed, but I’ll bet there’s some residual damage that we’ve missed.

We’re making a list

If you spot bits of damage on the roadways or swales, the City would like them reported.
Please also report locations of any growing trash-pits. Please include the location (intersection or street address), take a photo with your cell-phone camera, and email them to our Deputy City Manager, Shari Kamali, SKamali@SouthMiamiFL.gov.

Trees in canals

The County promises to start work removing the downed trees from our canals starting in January, so these don’t need to be reported.

Wishing you and your family a good holiday and a happy new year.

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